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Date/Time Formats - Considerations

Niklas Gotting May 5, 2017

We are in the process to change the Date/Time formats from default settings to the Swedish way, including seconds.

  • Before doing the change I would like to ask You for pros/cons and what to think about before doing the change.
  • Also have I missed any setting that needs to be changed?
  • The change have been made in one of our Test Instances and I have invited my users to check it out.
  • Add-ons to consider
  • Filters, Dashboards etc.
  • Our reasoning for intruducing seconds is that we live in a situation where we have to specifiy start/end time at such a detailed level.

These changes have been changed as described above:

1. Under System / General Configuration / Advanced Settings: - yyyy-MM-dd - %Y-%m-%d - yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss - %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S

2. Under System / Look and feel / Date/Time Formats

Time Format - HH:mm:ss (E.g. 05:55:47)
Day Format - EEEE HH:mm:ss (E.g. Wednesday 05:55:47)
Complete Date/Time Format - yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss (E.g. 2007-05-23 05:55:47)
Day/Month/Year Format - yyyy-MM-dd (E.g. 2007-05-23)

Looking forward to hear from you
Thanks in advance!

Niklas Gotting, MTG Tech


Kiran September 21, 2017

I want to make system generate date and time null(Example: in History, Activities of the existing ticket) But i want created date and closed date. Is there any way? 

Kiran September 21, 2017

Meaning i don't want to show any date information in the logs of the tickets. 

Niklas Gotting September 21, 2017

Here is an  update regarding how these changes was received by our organization.

We implemented everything as described above in May-2017.

These feedback have been captured:

  • + The new date settings made sense for the majority, being a mostly Swedish company with most Swedish users
  • + The introduction of seconds was well received as it is vital to be that granular in some of our projects.
  • - Our UK users are used to Day/Month/Year, so the had some concerns

Bottom-line - Well received!


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Kiran September 21, 2017

here my query is we created and closed a ticket already. Now I want to hide dates in Activity log. Due to some internal organizational level requirement. Is there any way to this? I want to hide only in logs, not with created date and resolved date

Kiran September 21, 2017

Or is there any way we can remove the status in History of the ticket?


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