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Auto-assign issues to a user based on DB extract.

Sébastien Pepinster July 13, 2018

Hello everyone !

First of all, let me warn you : There might be plenty of rookie errors and misconceptions in my post. This is due to me not having an IT tech background and being a Senior Business Analyst with CRM specialization. Please forgive me if some of the things I say seem stupid, it's the exact reason I'm here : learn from your experience to improve my communication towards JIRA specialists. :)

So here's the situation I want your insights about :

I'm working on the implementation of JIRA as a task management tool for multiple production teams.

The idea is to integrate a mailbox for each project (1 team/project) and have the requestors send the issues via mail.
We've already configured JIRA to detect some keywords in the subject of the email and, in each queue, associate a "type" (e.g. "new business", "renewal", "cancellation"...) to said issue.

However, my business case is a little bit more complex :

Each issue entering the queues is about one single customer. And each customer is assigned to a specific portfolio manager.
Right now, the requests enter in the team queue and have a type attached by JIRA, which is good. However they're not assigned to the correct portfolio manager and assigning them manually is a pain in the a**. :)

Therefore, I'm investigating the following solution : 

  1. Integrate a database extract in JIRA. This DB would contain three columns -Client number, Client Name, Name of the portfolio manager-
  2. Upon sending an issue to the JIRA integrated mailbox, the requestor would write the client number in the e-mail subject.
  3. Have JIRA detect said client number.
  4. Have JIRA query the integrated DB extract and match the client number in column A to the Portfolio Manager Name in Column C.
  5. Assign the issue to the relevant portfolio manager.


    Display the value of column C in a column on the "unassigned issues" list page, making the manual assignation process easier.

 JIRA triage mock up.jpg



So what do you guys think ?

a) Can JIRA do such thing ?

b) If so what is the best approach to make it do this ? Custom script ? Plug-in (nFeed ? Database Custom Field ? Other ?)

c) Has anyone of you already faced that kind of business case and did solve it in another way ? How ?

d) Is Santa Claus real ?

Sorry for the long post, thanks for your knowledge and looking forward to reading from you.


Cheers from Belgium,



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Sébastien Pepinster July 16, 2018

Ok, maybe this shouldn't be in discussions so I've created a question instead. Hope the duplicate isn't an issue and sorry if it is. :)


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