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OAuth in Jira for REST API access needed for data bridge, any experience?

Jon Jones March 9, 2018

We have an internal-only Jira Data Center instance, and some generic/faceless accounts are using the REST API through basic https authentication. If our Standalone Crowd instance ever goes down, the faceless accounts get locked by a captcha, so we reached out to Atlassian and they mentioned that we could set up OAuth consumers according to the docs here

I'm curious if

a) someone has used this OAuth for any application besides the Atlassian suite

b) what the rough process is to set up another consumer application beyond what's described in the docs

and c) if they've ever had experience linking a bespoke or third party application for data bridging, such as Kovair, and (although I know this is probably the wrong forum for a specific application, but I'd like to ask the question anyway) if it's possible for Kovair to use OAuth at all.



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