All but one team member can insert Jira issue in Confluence

We currently are running both Jira and Confluence(data center). I have enabled the two-way link between them and can insert a Jira issue from within a Confluence page. The problem is that I am the only one that can, and the other teammates all have admin rights as well as identical permissions on both Jira and Confluence. They either see a "Unable to retrieve Jira metadata" or a "You do not have permissions to create issues on this Jira server". They are both hosted on the same server, so I also tried flushing the cache in Confluence, but no luck so far.

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Update: I'll leave this up in case anyone else overlooked this like I did. The rest of my team had a different username for Jira and Confluence somehow, they used emails as usernames in one place and not the other...

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