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[Answered] Unable to add/remove user from a group, user keeps showing up in Group maintenance page

Arun Sharma October 22, 2018


I am just writing this thread as I ran into this issue that I couldn't find a solution to.

There is scenario in JIRA wherein -


If a user X is member of Group A,

and you try to remove his membership, you get a success message in the screen, but the user X still shows under the Group A in group maintenance page as a member -


But if you see the membership of user X in User Management, you won't see the Group A there.

If you try to Add the group A to the user X, you'll see a pop-up "User is already a member of Group A" 


So what to do ?

Here's what to look for - check if the Group A has any subgroups/child groups say Group AA.

I checked this from the database under cwd_membership table, by passing the id of my problematic group as the parent_Id

SELECT * FROM cwd_membership WHERE parent_id = 
(SELECT id FROM cwd_group WHERE group_name= "<problematic group name>")
ORDER BY child_name;

But I believe you can check this from UI as well.


Now, in order to remove user X from group A, you need to manually remove his membership from the child group AA (and any other child groups as well),

once you do that, the user will disappear from the group A. Simple as That!


Per my understanding, It'd be good if JIRA removes all the child memberships once you remove the parent one, but it is not working like that, so I thought of posting it here.


Hope this helps someone, sometime, somewhere :)



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