java.lang.IllegalStateException: Spring Application context has not been set

Lawrence Krubner April 29, 2018

I have spent the last 8 hours trying to install Confluence on our servers. I faced dozens of errors, but I have managed to work through many of them. But now I am stuck, over and over again, with the same error.

Here is what I do:

I go to the console of AWS.

I create a new EC2 instance. I've been using a t2.medium, which has 2 CPUs and 4 gigs of RAM. We are a small startup, so for the next few months there will only be a dozen people using this instance. I don't think we need a very powerful machine? The whole machine will be dedicated to running Confluence.

I ssh to the server. I install:

postgresql 9.6


I configure a reverse-proxy so port 8090 can be served as if root on port 80.

I then edit :


so that it reads:   localhost localhost.localdomain localhost4 localhost4.localdomain4 avconfluence

::1         localhost6 localhost6.localdomain6 avconfluence

I test this:

ping avconfluence

I see:

Then I upload:


I chmod this so it is executable.

As root, I execute it.

Then I point my browser at the IP address for this EC2 instance. I get a setup screen that asks for a license key. I go and get a license key for a trial. The page that offers license keys asks me "Please confirm that you want this license key for the server "localhost".

The first time I did this I clicked "yes" and it tried to redirect to "localhost".

So now I click "no" and I copy the license key manually.

I click submit on that form.

The browser pauses while work is done in the background, and finally it redirects to an error page:

No WebApplicationContext found: no ContextLoaderListener registered?

One possible error that I've made is that I'm running Confluence as the root user. I now find out that I should run this as the user "confluence". I try:

su confluence

/opt/atlassian/confluence/bin/ -fg

This starts. I hit "refresh" in my browser. I am at this URL:

I get this error:

com.atlassian.util.concurrent.LazyReference$InitializationException: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Spring Application context has not been set
	at com.atlassian.util.concurrent.LazyReference.getInterruptibly(
	at com.atlassian.util.concurrent.LazyReference.get(

At this point I've tried installing Confluence many dozens of times, and all I've ever gotten is errors. Is there any place that actually explains, step by step, in detail, what I really need to do to get this thing to work?

Each time I retry, I start over again, setting up a new EC2 instance. This doesn't seem to help.




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Lawrence Krubner April 30, 2018

Okay, I got this fixed. I set up a normal DNS subdomain, and then went through this again:

/etc/init.d/confluence  stop

rm /var/atlassian/application-data/confluence/confluence.cfg.xml

/etc/init.d/confluence  start

and started over, and that got past me by the errors.

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Lawrence Krubner April 30, 2018

I eventually learned that it was possible to restart the setup process by deleting the file confluence.cfg.xml so I did this:

/etc/init.d/confluence  stop

rm /var/atlassian/application-data/confluence/confluence.cfg.xml

/etc/init.d/confluence  start

but now I'm trying to finish the setup, and all I get is a blank page:

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Steven Ventimiglia September 8, 2022

@Lawrence Krubner- Great job, troubleshooting.  Much appreciated.

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Lawrence Krubner April 30, 2018

So what should I do to fix this?

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Lawrence Krubner April 30, 2018

Okay, that worked. As you can see, I get a blank page.

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Lawrence Krubner April 30, 2018

I am trying to show the image, but every time I post the link, this forum gives me an error saying that my HTML is poorly formatted. But I am not trying to use HTML, I am trying to use plain text.

I am going to try to trick the forum software by putting meaningless text in front of the "http":


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