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integrating vmware/vsphere with confluence

Kyle Reeves April 19, 2018

I've had a bit of a pet project that I just dont even know where I'd start.  I'm not a developer, but I'll just describe the thing I want, and see if anyone has any ideas, or maybe some thoughts on where to point me.  We have a few on our team who are more dev-centric, but my org basically eliminated our entire dev team last year.

so heres my idea:

We have a server admin team that uses confluence to document everything about each service/server that we manage.  we're 90% virtual.

Our VMware/vsphere has a summary page with the VM hosts' name, CPU/RAM information, along with some custom fields we've included that show who the primary, secondary and tertiary admin is on the machine.

what I want is for the vsphere info to be displayed dynamically in confluence.  Whenever we change or someone from the team leaves...we update that in vmware, and that content is dynamically changed on the page in confluence that houses that info as well.  That way we dont have two sources that need to be changed everytime someone leaves.

does any one have any ideas?

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Benjamin Høegh September 5, 2023

My guess is that you can use a python script to grap infomation from your VMs and then using the atlassian API to manipulate this page. could be something you make a cronjob do every x hour

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Chad P July 14, 2022

Not from my end. I moved on, but never did find the solution for that

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Roberto Caballo Carrasco July 14, 2022

Any updates on how to do that?

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Chad P February 15, 2020

This is exactly what I'm looking for too (more or less).

I would like vSphere storage sizes dynamically updated in a Confluence page.

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