Windows Confluence Broken Upgrade Process (Again) - Confluence 7.13

Mark Preston September 2, 2021

Did another Confluence upgrade and again had to waste hours of time fixing Confluence.

First, the database connector broke after running the Windows Confluence 7.13 upgrade. Of course no error messages from the upgrader, just our wiki site didn't work and had to find that we needed newer Microsoft SQL.

It's unfortunate that Atlassian developers can't create an upgrader that tells you BEFORE upgrading that these are the new requirements. 

Secondly for the 100th time the stupid Tomcat server.xml proxy error message. For the 100th time the Confluence upgrader can't save my server.xml and just deploy it back when it finishes.

My guess is Atlassian is more interested in making more money from customers instead of creating an upgrade process that doesn't break numerous items.

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Deleted user September 2, 2021

@Mark Preston You're absolutely right and I agree with you that the Atlassian update procedure has remained the manual one of a program born almost 20 years ago (Confluence is from 2004 and I've been using it since 2006...). It seems that this aspect is very unimportant. Now I'm sure that for what I'm saying some community sheriff will get irritated and tell me that I shouldn't say these things. Just in anticipation of the move to datacenters, for those who don't want to go to the cloud, if I had been the Confluence product manager I would have said to overhaul the upgrade procedure from scratch and make it efficient and fast. You can't think that those who have to do an installation procedure should have to "decipher" pages of online guidance on official documentation. Also, and this is the part that wastes a lot of my time. What is the point of replacing all the setup files with new ones and then having to "copy" the changes by hand? When you upgrade any program on Linux, even the Kernel, the existing settings are retained and those that create conflict the user is asked how to proceed by giving clear options to choose from.

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