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Whiteboard Restriction on Standard Plan is poor

Sanjay Samani March 12, 2024

We've been using Whiteboards extensively in beta. I saw the notifications for the upcoming move out of beta, with the warning that there would be restrictions between the Standard and Premium pricing plans. When I followed the links, there was no clear indication of what the differences would be.

Now that Whiteboards are out of beta, discovering that there's a restriction of 3 active whiteboards per user for the Standard plan is shocking. I can understand there being a restriction to 3 on the Free plan, and there being unlimited for the Premium plan. But to have the same 3 active whiteboards restrictions for the Standard plan is a shocking pricing decision. To have no differentiation for this feature between Free and Standard is shocking. 

Confluence Whiteboards are great, but they are not fully featured enough to justify the jump to Premium. The other Premium features are not enough to justify the jump up in pricing. With the additional cost for more active whiteboards per user, this decision is going to drive us to reconsider giving up options like Miro or look at other options. 

I believe that a figure closer to 10 whiteboards per user is more realistic for the Standard Plan.

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