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Space-wide variables for Confluence Cloud

oriane fontaumard April 21, 2022


My team and I were wondering if Confluence Cloud supported space-wide variables in some way (through built-in features or plugins). We'd like to use them for our documentation but couldn't find any way to implement them - we've tried looking into a couple plugins but so far none of them have supported space-wide variables.

Thanks in advance for your help,
Oriane Fontaumard

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Sofia Kargioti _QC Analytics_ May 24, 2023

Hello @oriane fontaumard and @James Seabrook 

Sorry for not getting back to you earlier.

You can have a look at the QC Documents app which let's you print out page elements through your spaces. You can choose to display the author of the page, the latest version, and a lot more interesting things, and every time you change those elements on your page they will get automatically updated on all the pages you have mentioned them.

I hope this helps with both your cases 🙂



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Sofia Kargioti _QC Analytics_ April 21, 2022

Hello @oriane fontaumard 

Could you give some more information as to what you mean with space-wide variables and what you want to achieve? For example, would you like to display the properties of a certain page within a certain space to a second page? 

Kind regards,


oriane fontaumard April 21, 2022

Hello @Sofia Kargioti _QC Analytics_


Sorry for the lack of precision, we were thinking of text variables for the content of our pages, where each variable would reference a value we'd assign manually.


e.g., if our documentation mentions, let's say, the latest version of our app in multiple pages, we'd like to create a variable called LATEST_VERSION, to which we'd assign said version in string format (for example 'v1.0'). At that point, if we released a new version, we'd like to be able to go back to the LATEST_VERSION variable and change its value from 'v1.0' to 'v2.0' - and have that change reflected on all the pages where we've input LATEST_VERSION in our text.


Hope that clarifies it! 


 Thank you,


James Seabrook May 22, 2023

@Sofia Kargioti _QC Analytics_ 

Did you find an answer to this? I am looking for exactly the same thing!



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