Not able to add images side by side.

Thomas M Abraham November 26, 2019

I am using confluence cloud. 

While trying to add two images side by side the second image is pushed to next line. 

Same is happening  when i try to put two images side by side in column of a table.

I checked one of my friends confluence  page and he is able to add images side by side without using page layout or sections macro. 

How can i fix this?

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Shannon S
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February 1, 2021

Hello everyone,

Thank you all for providing your feedback and examples of this problem. I apologize for the late response, as I know this is a common pain point for all of you.  It is, as Angelo mentioned, related to the way the new editor formats content.

My colleague Diego encountered a similar issue in the Community thread below:

Specifically, the new editor will attempt to put each photo on a new line, rather than inline, as preferred. A request to revert the behavior to that of the legacy editor is in the Jira ticket below:

  • CONFCLOUD-68501 Allow Images to be inserted inline or in a sentence in the New Editor

Let the TEAM know how important this is by clicking Vote for this issue on the Jira ticket. That ensures that you receive updates in the future regarding this problem.

Thank you, and take care!


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alison_sabidussi May 11, 2020

I had the same issue and managed to align 2 pictures on a same row by selecting the "image+text" option as below: 

Screenshot 2020-05-11 at 09.30.23.png

You can try to : 

  1. Insert your first picture and select it on the confluence page to see the above option. Choose the highlighted option above
  2. Repeat with the second picture choosing the same configuration, both pictures should now be on the same row 

Browser: Chrome

Deleted user June 23, 2020

Only works in editing mode, once you publish it reverts back... For me at least.

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Collin Willis October 12, 2020

I know this isnt an answer but when I came across this challenge, I just put the two images side by side in my image editor then pasted them both as a single image into me Confluence page. I get that it doesn't solve the confluence issue, but until they fix it, it's not a bad work around.

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Chris Purser January 20, 2022

I have 40 images that I need to responsively wrap. 

There is no workaround like that for me, I'm afraid. I just need the new product to be at least as modern as what it's replacing. 


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Jonathan McAllister February 28, 2022

If I need images side-by-side I just add a table.

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Vladislav.Dorokhov June 28, 2022

Unless you are not inside the table initially! Can't add nested table without another workaround ><

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Angelo Loria January 23, 2020

I'm seeing this issue, too, when trying to paste images side-by-side like you could with the old editor. With the new editor, you have to select the layout block and create the layout you want, and then paste the images within the layout. It's more effort than it should be when you could previously paste images side-by-side. Between the new issue view in Jira taking over two years to implement, the new editor here taking over a year and still missing functionality, and the new Bitbucket Pull Request experience taking over a year to implement and still missing functionality, I can no longer recommend any Atlassian product to anyone in good faith.

Chris Wingler February 13, 2020

Agreed, this is super irritating.

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Ruud Geldhof January 8, 2021

This is really ridiculous. instead of working to add stuff like custom emojis, maybe Atlassian should consider covering the basics first 🙈

michael.gorman September 21, 2021

Fair comment. Some of these requirements seem pretty rudimentary. 
- Images side by side.
- Cell background colour in tables. e.g. Black is not a colour you can choose.

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Eric Smith December 7, 2021

How a supposedly professional product like Confluence will not allow you to place two pictures side by side is absolutely baffling.

dave symonds February 15, 2022

It a crock thats why

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Cprime Apps March 12, 2021

I found using a single row table and pasting the images into each column/cell works like a charm

Chris Purser January 20, 2022

How do you make them wrap responsively for smaller screens?

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JSP September 3, 2021


Add the picture and when confluence is putting it on the next row, click on the space before the picture and press backspace. If it not work, try the same in a Panel. 

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VINIT RAJ January 16, 2021

If you are still looking for the solution, the best way I found to do is via `layout` options under the menu bar, where you can add layouts of `two` or `three` columns,you also get some other options too,you can explore that,you can find the attached screenshot to locate layouts in menu barScreenshot 2021-01-16 at 6.55.43 PM.png

Chris Purser January 20, 2022

12 columns is what is modern, not 3. 

We should be able to add 100 thumbnails, have them wrap at 12 for large screens, 6 for medium, etc. just like any modern website would do, and that's actually LESS than what the years old version did. 

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Deleted user June 23, 2020

Is this a joke? How do they not allow for two images to be side by side on the same row?

My only workaround at the moment is putting stuff in a table:

Screen Shot 2020-06-24 at 4.19.22 pm.png

Chris Purser January 20, 2022

Yep. Good luck getting it to wrap responsively. :)  

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tomas_hedman March 23, 2022

This is just another "Sell & Sell Support" application. It's not supposed to work as intended. Nobody who purchases these products ends up using them. Keeps people busy so it ticks that box. 

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Vman Kulkarni October 11, 2021

\caption{fig 1}
\caption{fig 2}
\caption{fig 3}

\caption{some figures for display}

Here I added 3 figs with caption. Please add your any fid in place of r.jpg. Please send your response.

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Georgi Nastev July 7, 2020

And the worst part is that pages created in the old view, once converted to the new one, lose all the alignment in images - it should be clearly stated that this will happen during the conversion.

Atlassian, please resolve this ASAP. 

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Wolfgang Huther June 19, 2020

Any news on this topic? This is really frustrating.

It is so important to do image collections in confluence.

Please, please, please bring back the old functionality!

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Volodymyr Nestorak April 30, 2020

I am very frustrated because of the problem. My release notes become 3-4 times longer and all the templates are broken. Now I need to find another tool for the release notes. 

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Cory Rapp April 27, 2020

Like everyone else is saying I have the same issue. Trying to make a navigational home page and I can only put 3 icons on each line if I manually change the columns in editor. The majority of each line is blank space but it's the only method available.

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Wolfgang Huther April 7, 2020

Same issue here. Very irritating. I use confluence often for visual research collections. In this case I want to see more than just 2-3 Images below each other.

I want to use all of the screens real estate to display many images.

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Sireesha Dugginapeddi [Appfire]
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November 27, 2019

Hi @Thomas M Abraham

There are a couple of things you might want to try:

  • Check the size of your images. Sometimes the second image you are going to add might not fit the width of the page and so you cannot add them next to each other.
  • After publishing, adjust your left sidebar and see if you still cannot see the images next to each other with the page occupying maximum width possible.
  • Check the alignment settings on your tool bar. Your image being aligned wrong can make the next image skip to next line.
  • With tables or layouts - again it can be the size of the image or one of the other things from the previous points.

Let me know how that works and if you still have problems placing two images next to each other.



Thomas M Abraham December 10, 2019

Hi Sireesha,

Thanks for the update. I tried all the above-mentioned points and still, it is not working.

I found a similar bug raised earlier

For me, I am not even able to place images side by side.

Ray Whiting January 23, 2020


I am having the same issue. My images are very small and I am unable to get them to sit side-by-side within a table cell. It seems that images are handled differently when placed inside a table cell as I also don't see the usual image formatting pop-up menu appear when I select them.




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