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How to use spring annotations in Confluence plugin

Ayaskant Swain July 8, 2018


I am new to plugin development for Atlassian products. Currently i am writing a plugin for Confluence. Though i know the basics of plugin development i have facing issues while trying to use spring annotation @Autowired in my plugin code. 

In order to resolve the compile error i added the spring-context dependency in my plugin's pom.xml. But after adding that my plugin did not deploy and failed when i ran atlas-run command. I have a REST resource class in my plugin lets say it is A. This class depends on a service class B and invokes it's methods. My plugin was working fine till i was creating an object of B manually by using new keyword in class A.

e.g. - B obj = new B() works just fine, but as soon as i tried to use @Autowired B b; my plugin started complaining.

I have below 3 questions.

1 - Cant I use spring annotations such as @Component , @Autowired, @Service etc in Atlassian plugin code?

2 - Does the Atlassian plugin dependencies bring in spring libraries by default? I mean does the atlassian-spring-scanner-annotation & atlassian-spring-scanner-runtime dependencies bring in spring libraries as well?

3 - What configuration need to do for using spring in Atlassian plugins?




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