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How to see all comments to a Confluence page?

I can see only the list of resolved ones. But it'll be nice to see all comments list because it can be a long article on a page and many comments. 

19 answers

Having to traverse all the highlights to find replies to my comments can be very time consuming on a well-discussed document.

+1. Inline comments are not worth using if we can't force their displaying of all inline comments  via menu or parameter. 

Hovering over a selection to see inline comment s not an option.

Yes, this is the #1 reason we switched back to google docs to collaborate on design documents. Inline comments are essential, but were consistently getting lost / abandoned by our engineers.

We would overlook any of the other drawbacks and switch to Confluence for design docs with this one change.

Agree.  Confluence is atrocious.  If it can't automatically show comments like gdocs, what use is the feature?  Atlassian tools are uniformly horrible.

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I am also interested in having a comments tracker, one that even shows the resolved comments in a table

One should not be needed!  Gdocs does it right and intuitively.

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+1. Without being able to list all in-line comments on a page, it's a real challenge for authors to manage and resolve more than just a few comments. Google Docs makes in-line commenting much easier in this regard. 

To clarify, as requested, I'm attaching two screenshots showing that if you click on a page none of the inline comments is visible. If you click on one it becomes visible (but the other is hidden), and clicking on the second one makes the first go away.

I second that. We find Inline comments invaluable for collective document reviews, but having to click to sea each new one makes it challenging to find something specific.

+1 on this request for a page to view all inline comments. Inline comments can be very hard to find, and there's no way I can alert people to the existence of them unless I go into each and every comment separately and grab the link (from the timestamp on the comment).

There's no way we should be forced to buy a plugin to get this basic feature

For those who don't need to see them all in one place: once you've opened any inline comment by clicking on the commented text, the upper left of the header of that comment has  navigation arrows for next/previous. So you can scroll through all the inline comments using that.

Absurd that a paid plugin is required to see all unresolved comments.

Agree with you.  Gdocs gets it right and Atlassian continues to make it impossible to use their tools.

+1. It is very hard to find inline comments in a large document.

I made you a bookmarklet to iterate over inline page comments. It has a few flaws (e.g. it may stop multiple times on one comment if that comment contains formatted text), but I find it useful. Bookmarklet here:

+1 on this as well, being able to see all comments at once would really reduce the extra effort needed to click each one as current functionality dictates.

Hi Maria,

As far as I know, Confluence pages show all comments. E.G. This Knowledge page from Atlassian documentation contains a lot of comments and all of them are shown.

Would be possible to clarify the behavior you are seeing?



Rodrigo, thank you for your answer. Look what I mean: select some plain text and wait till the small menu appear, select Inline comment. You can leave many inline comments on a page. Like comments in MS Word. But you can see the list of these comments in one place.

You probably ment "you cannot see the list of these comments in one place"

Rodrigo, we need inline comments - the one that allow people to add comments to a specific place in the text. Check out how Google docs handles multiple comments on a page in review mode. Need something like this.

So Atlassian, are you paying attention to your users here at all? We love plugins and are happy to pay for a few big important ones, but are not going to want to pay for ones that fill the gaps that the base product should provide. This is far worse when you work for a big org, and it can take forever to get approval for plugins, and then to get them installed.

Don't nickel and dime your customers and expect them to be happy

And please stop sending me happy notes on how I've done a great job earning an Atlassian Answerer badge, when I'm complaining about the lack of support I'm getting :-( 

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You can refer to plugin to form the table of comments (simple comments or inline (resolved/unresolved)) from current or other pages and descendants).

Thank you

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There is a plugin for Confluence Cloud that resolves this issue:

and it should be released for Server very soon as well ;)

Why would anyone want to pay for such basic functionality? What's next for Confluence you are going to have your partners develop a plugin for capitalizing the first letter of each sentence? It's only going to cost 1$ per month for up to 10 users, great deal.

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Maria is looking for _inline_ comments and not for the comments in the bottom of a page. This would be really helpful since if you write an inline comment on small things (e.g. a number) its highlighting will be more or less invisible.

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