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How to make a GET request to JIRA REST API from a Confluence Cloud Macro with fetch()?

Emeka Mbazor February 25, 2020

This is more of a technical question but the Developer Community has been pretty unhelpful thus far.

I want to make a GET request to the JIRA REST API from a Confluence Cloud macro I'm developing for my internship. Because Atlassian doesn't support cross-platform requests natively, I have to make the request outside of routes/index.js and instead in a script tag of the .hbs file in my views folder. I'm prototyping so I'm only using basic auth as detailed in the documentation. When I test it outside my app with the command line with curl and also straight up in my browser while I'm logged into Confluence I'm able to get the issues I want to return. But... when I attempt to make the request form within the .hbs file an OPTIONS request gets made instead and the Authentication header with the username and password that I set is not there...

This is the code that I'm using....

let url = ''

let h = new Headers(); h.append('Accept', 'application/json');

let encoded = window.btoa('USERNAME:APITOKEN'); let auth = "Basic " + encoded;

h.append('Authorization', auth)

let req = new Request(url, { method: 'GET', headers: h })


.then( (res) => {

return res.json().then( (data) => {

if(res.ok) { return data; } else { return Promise.reject({status: res.status, data}); } }); }) .then((data) => { console.log(data); })


Does anyone know why this is happening?


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marc -Collabello--Phase Locked-
Community Leader
Community Leader
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February 25, 2020

The url you use should have `https` instead of `http`.  Hope that helps.

Emeka Mbazor February 25, 2020

Didn't fix it unfortunately. But thank you for reminding me.

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