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How do you duplicate blueprints so that you can customize it?

Sun Lee July 18, 2013
How do you make an exact duplicate of the Meeting Notes Blueprint so that you can have a slightly-modified Meeting Notes blueprint that is customized to your needs? I need to create multiple Meeting Notes within one space, and all my meeting notes are getting inserted into the general Meeting Notes.

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Adam Gotch January 29, 2020

None of the answers here are directly addressing your problem, key to which is the fact that the Meeting notes blueprint includes additional functionality that cannot be duplicated in a Template, namely:

  • Blueprints start by opening a modal with user-entry form fields prior to launching the Page Editor
  • These fields include things like date pickers (not expecting users to know // opens the date picker), drop-down lists, fields specifically for User Mentions, etc.
  • These fields can be data validated.
  • These fields are represented in the Blueprint Page Templates by inaccessible custom variables like "currentDateLozenge" and other placeholders that feature attributes which can't be copied to other non-Blueprint templates or duplicated anywhere other than the Blueprint.

My guess is that OP is looking to create a new Blueprint for specific Meeting notes which they don't want to appear in the standard Meeting Notes Report page included in the Meeting Notes Blueprint, nor do they want to customize the Blueprint (removing the standard functionality for all other types of Meeting notes created in that space).

Frankly, this is something that should be part of vanilla Confluence. A 3rd-party Blueprint Editor (which exists, and works), shouldn't be necessary in order to do this.

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Matthew Walker June 12, 2018

You can almost certainly use a custom template to accomplish your goal.  Give it a try and see!

I. Creating the new custom template

  1. Go to the Space where you want this blueprint to live
  2. Go to Space Settings (cog)
  3. Select Content Tools
  4. Scroll to the Template for which you'd like to make a custom version; in this case its Meeting Notes template.
  5. Open this Template and ctrl+c all content on page
  6. Close this Template
  7. Scroll back to top of the Content Tools page and hit the Create New Template button.  This will spawn up a blank page
  8. Paste your content from Meeting Notes Template into the page and edit as you see fit, including a title; let's call this one "Special Meetings"; hit Save.  

    Yo will now need to create a way to access this template so that you can spin it up whenever you need to, e.g. at the beginning of a meeting.

II. Creating the button that spins up this new template

  1. On the page from which you want to create these templates, such as a "Special Meetings", nav to the place on the page where you want to insert this button
  2. From the toolbar, select +, and then scroll down and select Insert Other Content
  3. Select Create From Template
  4. In the macro, add the name you want for the button, then scroll down and find your Template name; select it.
  5. Now add the title you want for the page you want to create each time.  (In our creation of the Template we used "Special Meeting", but that was basically just a placeholder to allow us to save the Template.  Now you can add the exact name for the meeting, so perhaps "Special Meeting - Notes".)
  6. Save!  
  7. Now test and smile....or frown and review your steps.
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Jonas Ahlström September 4, 2020

Im also looking for this, a way to make small adjustments in the default blueprints to match our workplace better.

By making things auto-generated, people will not be able to create meetings and other sites in the wrong way. I'm currently looking for a way to add a Heading to my Template, for example "Meeting notes - My Team 2020-xx-xx" but seems like I will have to leave that for now.

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David Skreiner
Rising Star
Rising Star
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July 5, 2016

You don't need yet more plugins that are being spam-vertised for here.
Just open the old template, then copy everything (Ctrl-C), make a new template, paste everything (Ctrl-V) and you're done. Without wasting money on an addon you don't need. 

John F. Burkhart November 15, 2016

a template and a blueprint are not the same thing... your answer works for a template, but not a blueprint.

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Sherif Mansour
Atlassian Team
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July 19, 2013

Hi Sun,

Right now you have a few options

1. You can modify the existing blueprint. This is done by going into Create > (in the footer click configure what appears here) and edit the Blueprint tempalte. This means, hwoever you only have one meeting note in the space.

2. Just create a new template (Go into Space admin > tempaltes) and create an additonal meeting notes tempaltes

However, I think ultimatly you are after this feature request: which would enable you to create different "sets" of meeting notes in each space.

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