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Rahav June 13, 2020

The new Confluence is a great achievement, it is much better than what is used to be. But there is one point that was and is lacking and it goes to the core of Confluence, becoming an immersive experience for authors or not. Right now it is not.

Authors of content (that's what we use Confluence for, right) very often read a page before they edit it. For the authoring experience to become immersive Confluence must allow us to either click on the precise location on the page and start writing. It can be in the middle of a sentence, between characters, or before or after any paragraph. Our editing cursor must start at that precise location.

The editing button or KB shortcut must at list keep the place of viewing, although above method of direct clicking is much preferable. The problem is that these at this time always take us, the authors, our of focus when it jumps to the top of the page.

The problem is that right now

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Rahav June 21, 2020

Most documentation tools allow you to simply click (with the mouse) exactly where you want editing to start.

No edit button is needed. Mouse click and start typing.

If Atlassian enabled that natural mouse click there would be no need for a workaround.

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Miguel Jesus _Team Files_
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June 18, 2020

I feel your pain. In particular when I just want to adjust some words in the middle of the page. However I'm a bit clueless on how to workaround this. 

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