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Creating table with checkboxes

Nir Tal November 3, 2017

Hey all,

I would like to create a table where all the rows got checkboxes and every time I'm adding a new line the checkboxes are automatically added. 

Something like:

| Employee | col A | Col B | Col C |

| Jhon           | [ ]     | [ ]       | [x]    |

| Bob            | [ ]      | [x]      | [x]    |

- adding new line will result in

|                    | [ ]      | [ ]       | [ ]     |

Is there a way getting it without buying add-ons? 

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Dave May 23, 2018

I have a similar requirement: I'd like to be able to add a column to a large existing table containing a tick-box for each row in the table so I can use it as a checklist.

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Tim August 27, 2021

I used the work-around above: Inserting the "task list" maco into a cell. Assuming you only want the checkbox, without a label, simply use a period as the only character, and use the text tool to change the font color to white (or whatever background color your cell has). 

You can now copy / paste that checkbox cell as much as you like. 

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Radu Muntean April 29, 2022

works the same with a space character

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Atlassian _i super fan August 24, 2020

To follow up on this, it seems to work if you have text after the check box, but if you're just using the checkbox in a cell without any text (a pretty normal thing when representing tasks as a matrix, just like OP intended), it will not copy the checkbox.

See my screenshot for a demo. The upper row in each pair is the pasted row.

Screen Shot 2020-08-24 at 4.31.49 PM.png

Update: I found this ticket for the issue, which they have reopened at my request

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Claire Lee May 4, 2023

You can just type [] and then hit the Delete key.  The checkbox will be created, and the auto-generated label will be deleted.  Or, you can update the verbiage as your own label.



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Atlassian _i super fan August 25, 2020

I've worked around this problem by using emojis 😐

Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 8.48.28 PM.png

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Atlassian _i super fan August 24, 2020

No, this doesn't help, because when you copy a table row or column containing a checkbox (task macro), it doesn't copy the checkbox. The cells on the resulting row/column are empty


update: this is true if you don't add text after the box

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Nicolas Seronvalle November 6, 2017


You can create a table and add the "task list" macro in each cell.

Then when you want to add a new line, just copy one of the line and paste it. With the action buttons in the action bar above it's quickly done.

You will then only need to uncheck the checked boxes (or if you prefer, keep the first line with unchecked boxes for later copy paste but it is not that good visually).

I don't have idea for more automation without add-on.

Does it help?

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