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'Create page' function in roadmap planner doesn't create a page

David Pressley December 12, 2022

When clicking on 'Create Page' from within one of the bars on the roadmap planner, a "new" page is presented. You might think you could edit the page because you think you are creating a new page, however, you are not. The edits you make will overwrite whatever you had previously created. This means if you are working away and adding things to the roadmap planner with the obvious intent to create pages, you will overwrite (or delete) your previous work and there seemingly doesn't seem to be a way to get it back.


Where is the version history for a page that is not yet published?


Such a frustrating application. Please help

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Zachary Hayes December 12, 2022

I'm able to recreate this issue. The issue seems to occur when 'Create page' is used from the roadmaps macro on unsaved Drafts.

To recreate issue:

Click 'Create' to start a new draft page

Choose roadmaps template, make a few changes to the page

Open the roadmaps macro, click one of the bars, click 'Create page'

A new tab opens with the original page in edit mode. That page was still a draft, so edits overwrite it.

If I first 'Save' the roadmaps template, then 'Edit' and 'Create page' from the roadmaps macro, it will correctly open a new tab and prompt for a page template, creating the new page as a child of the original.

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