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Change username for Cloud Jira / Confluence

Tony Pujals August 29, 2018

The docs for Confluence mention that your personal space will show your username. Unfortunately, for my team, that results in URLs that look like this:


Half an hour of research has turned up a lot of documentation that seems to be out of date for the latest Cloud version of Jira / Confluence, conflicting information about the ability to update a username, pointers about going to (which allows changing the Full Name, but not username), and yet not one single documentation page that seems authoritative or definitive on this topic.

I'm inclined to believe that it is not possible to change the username -- and yet can't believe that we're stuck with URLs like the one above. Is that indeed the case?

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Michael.Kennedy April 2, 2020

This is really painful and I don't get the rational at all. I have an issue where after an acquisition users got imported as employee#.last.first and I want to change it to First Last. I also have an employee who changed their name and cannot make any edits. This is a problem for new employees who don't know this person by their old last name. People get married and change their names all the time, did you not consider that?

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Thomas Peter January 29, 2019

Hi all, my team is facing  "Separation of Duties condition does not work for users whose username have uppercases". As the workaround, the suggestion is to change the user name to lower case... Any idea what we could do now?

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Kian Stack Mumo Systems
Community Leader
Community Leader
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August 29, 2018


Atlassian has removed the ability to update usernames as part of a process to improve user privacy. As part of that, they removed usernames from being editable.

If the space URL was generated like that, you will not be able to modify that.




Tony Pujals August 30, 2018

Thanks. Appreciate the reply.

Not entirely sure I buy the rationale as stated in the link for considering usernames redundant, but in any case not being able to have some kind of friendly vanity profile name for a space URL is a definite bummer.





Reminds me of my old CompuServe ID ... so 1990s.

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Shannon S
Atlassian Team
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August 30, 2018

Hi Tony!

Thank you for the feedback. It will help us a lot if you can submit that feedback via your user menu by clicking your avatar in the bottom left-hand corner. This is the way you can submit any feedback in the future about new features you come across.

Thanks again!


sw engineer May 9, 2019

I really don't like that the username cannot be changed!  Today our system induced an engineer on my team to now be "840" and this is cannot be corrected!  I can no longer assign tasks to Bob but must remember that JIRA screwed up and his name is now a number.  WHY?????

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timm November 10, 2021

how is this policy surviving gender warriors in the tech world. Women marrying and changing their name. People changing gender changing name. let the dignity of risk lie with the admin user re privacy as a toggle on off function. 

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Joey B December 3, 2021

I'm Josephine and trying to dump the old Joseph usernames and images and having this problem myself. I thought I'd be easy and just feminize my old name but it seems Atlassian can't even support that? 

This measure is in fact violating my privacy, not protecting it. Everyone I work with gets a clear illustration every single day and every single interaction that I am trans. That's just swell.

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timm December 4, 2021

Thanks for sharing that, Josephine, and sorry to hear. This will eventually be an ethical/PR/legal issue for them I imagine, and they will find a way to address it. Can I suggest you submit it here? 

If that doesn't work, I'd request to lodge a formal complaint through their ticketing system. You might need to log a tech issue to simply find out how to do that. Hope it's fixed for you soon. 


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