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Tomas Junger July 12, 2019


I would like to know why Atlassian can not create some macro or application for creating beatiful card links to another pages in Confluence Cloud. 

When you look into Atlassian pages, you can see excellent formatting for linking between pages - for examples in WorkLife or Atlassian Marketplace or Atlassian´s documentation pages.

I try to find some developers applications for this solution, but there is nothing in Cloud version. 

I find one potentially solution in there, but you cannot modify for own customization (New Teaser for Confluence). It is useful for external links, but not for internal pages.




Example 1:

Perfect design of small links with picture in one panel. 

Card Link Example1.png


Example 2:

Three smaller cards with small picture as a link and some text and some tags - this is exactly what I want to create in our projects. Card Link Example2.png

Example 3:

Nice design for only icon+context+tag group. Card Link Example3.png



Please could you help me with some tips and tricks how could be possible to create in Confluence Cloud version with old or new editor? 

Thank you for your help. 


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Tomas Junger July 12, 2021

Hi, i tested new cloud macros and it looks very excellent with more features: 

  • perfect solution for cards in pages with links and icons and text
  • more features with one licence - starting from 1USD for 10 users

Panel, Button, Cards, Tabs, Background, Divider & Title

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Miks Veltmanis (Mike) June 3, 2021

Thanks, testing it out now. Looks super good so far!!!

Been looking for something like this for a while. Not sure how I missed it

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Helen Gosper January 21, 2021

Has anyone tried out this app?

It's free, built for cloud, and looks promising? !

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Davin Studer
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July 12, 2019

@Tomas Junger Short of writing an app for Confluence Cloud I don't know of an easy way to do what you are looking for. On the server version I could suggest a few different options, but those are not available on cloud.

On Cloud you could put your content in a div macro and give it a CSS class for your card design. Then add a style macro with the CSS styles to style the div(s). Obviously the flaw with this is that it is not easily reusable. If you want to do this on multiple pages you would have to repeat the process there too. Also, the other downside is that with the new editor for Cloud the style and div macros have been removed. So, this only works with the old editor.

So, for something reusable and future facing you would need to create an app for it.

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Chris Purser April 28, 2024

confluence automatically does this now, but it seems it arbitrarily decides when to allow the card to be selected and when it simply refuses to offer anything other than text. It's dumb.

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Miks Veltmanis (Mike) June 18, 2021

a bit, yes. It takes a while to load each card. If you have many it will be a drag

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Helen Gosper June 16, 2021

I find pages containing it are a little slow to load. Anyone else finding this?

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