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Are old Templates completely broken with the new editor?

James Gill October 28, 2019

So I've got a few Page Templates that are used quite regularly.  I just created a new page using an old Template with the new editor and the experience is completely broken at this point.  Variables no longer pull into the new Page and I can't even tab between one field and another in a page properties table without the cursor going to completely unrelated fields.

Atlassian, you are completely screwing over Cloud users that have poured hundreds (if not thousands) of hours into Confluence sites and moving forward with a broken, unusable interface.  What the hell is going on over there??? 

This isn't Agile, this is broken crap.  I can put up with a lot when it comes to a buggy interface but even I'm starting to get a bit annoyed with the apparent lack of testing that's gone into this "new" experience.  I've reported probably more than 10 bugs at this point that are impacting my workflow and I'm starting to wonder why the hell our company is paying for a broken, buggy mess of a product.

I sure feel like a beta tester at this point, which makes me wonder why I have a development and production environment when the production environment is a completely buggy mess.  

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Carsten Blüm November 4, 2019

Additionally: why does Confluence have a preview for templates, when the preview looks/behaves completely different (= correctly) than the “real thing” (= broken crap)?


And I have to add: I just tried if variables work with a newly created template – only to find out that the first variable does, but further variables are not even saved, i.e. this is even crappier than I thought. When old features and new features are broken, I guess we should start looking for an alternative.

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