Approach to requirements in Confluence + JIRA

Steven Battisti January 5, 2018

We're just about to start using confluence and jira for our SDLC, and we're trying to map out how this process will work the best. In our organization, normally we have product managers defining epics. Then product owners/analysts will take those epics and break them down into individual stories, which will then go through the normal life cycle.

What I'm thinking initially for our handling of this process in Atlassian is something like this:

  1. Create a space in confluence for the requirements related to Product A. (No problem. Done.)
  2. Product Managers create requirements pages in Product A, one page for each feature of Product A. So call it for now "Product A Home Page." 
  3. Within the requirements page, Product Managers will document the high level requirements, with somewhere near the top of the page listing the overall feature name, e.g. "Product A Home Page". The requirements table below might have 5 high-level requirements underneath. They will then use the built-in Jira link functionality to link the place where it says "Product A Home Page" to a new Epic in JIRA.
  4. In JIRA, the Epic will get assigned out to an analyst, who will review the epic and create stories from the requirements in the Epic as appropriate.

Does this flow in general sound doable? Am I going down a problematic road for some reason? Is there a better approach?

Ultimately we want a Confluence page for each feature that will always display the most up-to-date product requirements for all features. We also want the requirements to link easily to JIRA so that it's easy for people to get back and forth between individual JIRA stories or tickets and back to the overall requirements page / Epic.

(Considering adding Yogi to help with the integration.)

Like I said, brand spanking new to this, but if I can gain some lessons learned from people who have gone here BEFORE we screw it all up, that would be great!



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