Top 30 "How to get the most out of Confluence Cloud" webinar questions

Hi everyone!

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our January 28th How to get the most out of Confluence Cloud webinar. If you missed the webinar, can’t wait to share it with your team, or want to watch it on repeat, knock yourself out - here’s the link.

We showed how to:

  • Set up well-organized sites and spaces

  • Create beautiful pages

  • Find information in a snap

  • Use popular integrations to move work forward

We had almost 2,500 questions from across the globe, and we couldn’t answer all of them during the webinar. As promised, we’re answering the most popular ones in this post.




Q1. How can I tell if we are using Confluence Cloud or Confluence Server?

You have a Confluence Cloud site if your site URL contains


Content Experience

Q2. When will I get the new editor experience?

The new editor is rolled out to all instances and users.

Q3. How can I migrate old pages to the new editor without copying and pasting?

Great news! There’s a new feature coming that will help you migrate your content on a page by page basis. It will allow you to preview your page before you convert it, and you can also revert your page to the previous version if you aren’t satisfied with it. Want to be the first to try it? Sign up here!

Q4. What happened to single column layouts? Is it coming to the new editor?

Instead of having a layout for a single column, we launched the ability to make a page full-width or fixed-width. Use the <--> button in the top right of your page to adjust page width.

Q5. How can I copy a page?

Once your page is published, click the ellipses in the top right corner of the editor. Click Copy in the menu to copy a page.

Q6. How do I export a page?

Once your page is published, click the ellipses in the top right corner of the editor. Click Export to Word or Export to PDF in the menu to export a page to either format.

Q7. How can I undo a change?

You can use control + Z (Windows) or command + z (Mac) to undo, or you can restore a previous page version by clicking the ellipses in the top right corner of the editor. Click Page History. Once you find the version you want to restore, click Restore.

Q8. How do I adjust page width?

Use the <--> button in the top right corner of your page to adjust page width.

Q9. What is GR?

g + r is a Confluence shortcut that allows you to automatically open your Recent page dropdown and search for recent pages.

Q10. Where do I find keyboard shortcuts I can use in Confluence?

To get the latest and greatest shortcuts, click the :question_mark: in your Confluence navigation for a list of all the shortcuts. The shortcuts you see are based on your operating system. Learn more.

Q11. How do I search for content inside a Confluence page?

Try using control + f (Windows) or command + f (Mac) to find words or phrases within a Confluence page.

Q12. What is the solution for my existing pages that use macros that are no longer available such as Panel and Expand?

Panel and expand are available in the new editor under either the + menu in the main toolbar or via the / command by typing in the page “/panel” or “/expand”. For your existing content, look for the soon-to-be-released page migration feature that will allow you to migrate your existing pages to the new editor whenever you’re ready.

Q13. How do you add emojis to page titles?

This isn't a native feature in Confluence yet. However, a trick we use at Atlassian is using the keyboard shortcut: Windows key + ; (Windows) or control + command + space (Mac) to open the emoji picker to add emojis to page titles.

Q14. Is there a planned feature for markdown support?

We’re gathering customer interest for this feature. You can track the status of this in our public roadmap: or in the public suggestion ticket: CONFCLOUD-68137 - Full markdown support for the new editor GATHERING INTEREST

Q15. How do I change table column width? How do I filter tables?

To change the column width, use the <--> button on the right side of the table when hovering. You can sort a table in publish mode by hovering over the column and pressing the down arrow. Filtered tables are unique to you; you aren’t impacting the sort of others.

Q16. How can I nest a table within a table?

As of 2017, you can no longer nest a table within a table. A workaround for this is to create your second table in another page and then include it in the table using the Excerpt include macro.

Q17. How can I freeze column headers?

Great news! We’re working on a new table feature to help you work with large tables by freezing headers and rows while navigating a large table.

Q18. How can I learn about macros available in Confluence?

You can learn all about the macros in Confluence in our documentation. The best way to play around with macros is by typing / to access the list of insertable elements or click the Insert menu in the toolbar.

Q19. When will I get the navigation and home experience?

The new navigation and home experience in Confluence is gradually rolling out to customers now. We plan to have this to every customer in the next few months.


Content Discovery

Q20. How can I view all the pages from a global perspective? How can I understand how pages are organized?

By clicking on the Spaces tab in the new navigation in Confluence, and selecting the “View all spaces” option, you can get an understanding of all the spaces on your Confluence site. When you drill into the spaces, you can view page trees in the left navigation to see how pages are organized in each space.

Q21. If you move a page on the page tree is this customizing the page tree for only you or the entire team?
When you move a page in the page tree, it changes its placement in the page tree for everyone.

Q22. If you create a page in the wrong place, can you move it to be under a different page?
Yes! Once your page is published, click the ellipses in the top right corner of the editor. Click Move, and you can select a new space and new parent page to move your page under.

Q23. When taking meeting notes, will everyone have access to them right away (because they have access to the page), or will you be able to adjust it before sharing?

If you change the page permission to “Viewing and editing restricted”, you can set your page permission so that only you have access to revise content before you are ready to share it. When you’re ready to publish your meeting notes, change the page permission to “Anyone can view and edit” so that everyone can read your notes and comment on them. Alternatively, you can also choose to keep your page in the draft state as you revise while editing or by closing your meeting notes before publishing them for everyone.

Q24. Are personal spaces visible to others or just you?

Personal spaces can be open to everyone, but as the administrator of your personal space, you can make it inaccessible to others.


Team & People Profiles

Q25. How do you add photos of your team members for your team profiles?

Assuming that your team members have profile photos in Confluence, you can insert the Profile Picture macro and select the person’s name.

Q26. When you make a team, can you use @teamname and everyone in team will be notified?

Yes! When you @ mention your team, you don’t have to remember and tag everyone individually. Read more about Team and People profiles.



Q27. Are there public templates available? For a marketing space for example?

Yes, we have a public gallery.

Stay tuned for more on templates coming very soon!

Q28. Do you explain how to create template?

You can create your own templates. Follow this documentation to learn how.


Other Atlassian Products

Q29. Can you recommend popular Trello and Jira webinars?

Yes! You can find all of Trello’s webinars at Our friends from Jira recommend you check out their “Best Practices and Getting Started in Jira Cloud” webinar.



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Sri Kumar
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Rising Star
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February 7, 2020

Hi @Jessica Taylor , 

Thanks for this great Write up :) 



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Nicole February 10, 2020

Not to sound like a broken record, but I would love to see some development aimed towards those of us who are using Confluence publicly with anonymous users. We would like the ability to turn off Atlassian-centric items that do not provide value to our customers. I'm not sure how much the new navigation and home experience will benefit us as a public Confluence site.

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Nichola Moore February 16, 2020

Are you ever going to fix the 'continue numbering' issue? There are solutions out there in the community but they don't work consistently. If you're writing documents with graphics and images in them it is intensely frustrating.

Come on, Atlassian, it can't be that difficult.

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Jonno Katahanas
Atlassian Team
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February 18, 2020

Hey @Nichola Moore ! My name's Jonno and I'm a PM on the new editing experience. Continue numbering is something we're aware of and looking into. We aren't working on it at this exact moment but will likely try to tackle in the near future. Hope that helps!


Jonno Katahanas

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