Spotify turns IT up with Jira and Confluence


Turning IT up!

Hi, everybody! For this week's Community Showcase, I'm typing in gratitude to the sweet, streaming sound ofThe Beatles radio that is blaring through my earbuds. Spotify is a Swedish digital music service that is now embedded in our hearts (and ears), to the tune of 100 million users. In this Community Showcase, you'll learn how Spotify's IT team used Atlassian tools to support the company's hyper-growth throughout and way beyond the bounds of their department.

Spotify's IT team has a mission to provide great personal service to every employee, but in 2014, 100% of IT service requests were being submitted via email into a single inbox. To reduce lead time and continue to keep customer satisfaction high, Spotify implemented Jira Service Desk. JSD not only provided a better user experience but also allowed the internal team to manage queues and create a self-service knowledge base of FAQs in the process.

Confluence & Jira make the leap from IT to Business

Infrastructure Operations within IT is made up of several hundred employees using Jira, Jira Agile, and Confluence. These are mission-critical to manage and resolve major outages affecting their music streaming service. Every incident is logged as a Jira ticket and each stage is tracked through Jira to resolution, with all documentation housed in Confluence. They use Jira Agile for their post-mortem to prevent incidents from recurring. 

IT also introduced Jira and Confluence to Development. They use Jira for bug tracking and project management and Jira Agile to run sprints. Development uses Confluence as a critical component of Spotify’s Squad culture (Spotify replaces the traditional agile terms Scrum Master and Teams with Agile Coach and Squads) where their agile teams spin up and down quickly per project. Squads document their work within Confluence and as these squads disband or shift, the documents are easily maneuvered around as needed.

HR is the first team to use Confluence extensively as a knowledge base and collaboration tool. With the launch of a learning and development tool that Spotify calls "The Green House," employees worldwide can easily access internal training and resources. Via the Jira integration, employees can upload their own articles or resources relevant to a training, request new training, vote on prioritization, and submit requests to deliver their own programs. 

The Green House built on Jira & Confluence

greenhouse1 (2).pnggreenhouse4 (1).png

Thanks for reading! If you have a case study you'd like to share, or if you are interested to know more about a particular Atlassian product or company, feel free to tag me in a comment or email me directly at

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Mikael Sandberg
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November 14, 2017

The title is wrong, it should be Spotify instead of Shopify.

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November 14, 2017

@Mikael Sandberg ha, thank you! Now the title's pun makes more sense ... ;) 

Earl McCutcheon
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April 10, 2020


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