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Hi! I’m Avinoam Zelenko, a Product Manager on Confluence Cloud.

We’re having an exclusive webinar on Sept. 11 at 11 am PST in the U.S. (and a day later in two more time zones). You can sign up here! Our product team will discuss and demo new features in Confluence Cloud for improving team productivity and give you a glimpse into features coming soon.

We’ll share:

  • What’s new in content creation with tables, templates, integrations, and more.

  • Tips on how to organize spaces, pages, and profiles to be more easily found.

  • How to scale Confluence as your organization grows.

Our team will also be on-hand to answer your questions. If you want to hear directly from us and hear about new features in Confluence to improve your team’s collaboration, please join us!


Merve Nur Bas
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September 10, 2019

Hi @Avinoam sounds great. I wonder whether there is a particular reason for a need for registration. 

Tom Crowley September 11, 2019

Sorry, I only found this by accident (and given that there are only three likes and one comment, I wonder how many other people have found it) after I left a comment on another page about a similar topic. I'll post it here in case it gives you some ideas for the upcoming webinar because what I think that we want from this webinar is possibly not the same as what you are proposing:


I think we're owed a webinar or call or presentation or something in which someone from the business gives us, the users, some valid reasons why some of these changes were made and the chance to protest them. We're also owed a more detailed and specific plan on when other basic features like the one mentioned above can be expected.

I know responding to negative feedback isn't fun, and you (Atlassian) are getting a fair amount of abuse on here, but it's because the changes you are making to the tool we use every day to do our jobs are actively making our lives harder. If I was the architect behind my company's recent move to Confluence, I would have cancelled it. Made do with what we have now and checked back in a few years. But that's out of my control. Some of us have already abandoned Cloud; many of us can't. And many of us don't want to. Confluence can be a very helpful tool, but you can't ruin all of your customers' work because you need to change the back-end. 

If you're not taking the view that you can lose a few small customers because everyone else is tied in because of the cost of switching, then you need to demonstrate that. Yes, many of us won't leave, so you'll still have our monthly subscriptions, but can any of us honestly recommend Confluence now? We might carry on using Cloud, but we're not going to be happy about it. And misery loves company, so the harder our jobs become, the harder your jobs will be.

I hope as a team you are also holding a pretty thorough recap of the whole process and learning lessons from this so that future changes aren't handled as poorly. We have not been properly consulted on this matter, and even the forums such as this one that were set up for us to provide feedback don't feel like they're being taken seriously.

Also, given that a good number of us are probably documentarians of some form, you really need to make sure your Cloud documentation is current. Yes, it's hard in transitional stages, but you should have thought about that before you changed everything.

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Tom Crowley September 11, 2019

Oh, wait, I realise now that it's today. A whole week's notice?

Wow. Thanks.

Shaun Sheehan September 11, 2019

Thank you for the webinar - I found it helpful. 

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Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
September 13, 2019

Hi all,

Thank you so much for joining the webinar! You can now also watch it on demand here.

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Tom Crowley September 16, 2019

Hi @Avinoam

The webinar talked about link-able headers. How do we use these? Or have they not been released yet? I'm not seeing the options you presented in the slides.


Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
September 16, 2019

@Tom Crowley link-able headers are in the release process right now. You can expect them to be available in the next couple weeks.

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