Meet your new Account view on Confluence mobile

Hi Community!

The new Account experience is your control center for Confluence mobile. Based on feedback that it was difficult to find your app settings, we have worked to consolidate all your app settings into one placeNow they’re all together in one place!

You can access Account by tapping your avatar on the top left of your mobile app. You will see that Account is now a single place to manage your app settings, view your current site and profile picture, and switch to other sites or Atlassian products.

We have also introduced Auto-lock.

If you want additional security for your Confluence content, you'll be able to set up a secondary biometrics or password lock (on iOS, you can use Touch ID or Face ID) to guard access to your spaces and pages. If you prefer not to use biometric methods, you can also use your phone's lock screen passcode/pin. Turning this feature on means that after 2 minutes of inactivity your app will be locked. This ensures that only the right eyes are viewing you and your team’s work.

Account demo featuring Auto-lock on an Android device. We have also shipped a similar experience on iOS.

account with arrow.gif

More mobile features you can access from Account:

  • Site switcher - If you are logged into more than one site, you will see a chevron next to your current site that enables you to switch sites.

  • Notifications - Did you know that you can customize which types of activity that you get push notifications for? Options include getting notified for all activity, activity directed towards you, or a customized combination of the two options.

  • Dark Mode - We are going to be testing Dark Mode on both iOS and Android soon! Your Account will be the launch pad for opting into the beta program. Stay tuned!

Help, I don’t see my avatar in the top-left corner of the app yet!

We are currently in the process of rolling this feature out to our Confluence Mobile users, so, if you do not see your avatar yet, you can try the following:

  • Android: Check the Google Play Store and make sure you are on version 1.77.10 or newer

  • iOS: Check the App store and make sure you are on version 2.68.0 or newer

As always, please share your feedback to help us make Confluence Mobile better for you. You can enable “shake to send feedback” in Account, then, shake your device to share your thoughts on this enhancement.




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