Get to know the Confluence team!

Go “behind the screen” to meet some of the Confluence Cloud team. In this video series, we tackle some of the hard-hitting questions you never knew you wanted the answer to! 

Meet some of the Confluence Cloud team:

  • Aaron Gentleman, Sr Engineering Manager
  • Brian Keough, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Data Center
  • Bridget Sauer, Sr Community Manager 
  • Brittany Sudlow, Product Marketing Manager
  • Dennis Lu, Sr Product Manager, Performance
  • Elaine Hankins, Sr Product Manager, Ecosystem
  • Hilary Dubin, Product Manager, Premium
  • Jason Phan, Group Product Manager, Growth
  • Jessica LeDonne, Email Operations Solution Manager
  • Jonno Katahanas, Product Manager, Platform Editor
  • Laurel Hodge, Head of Confluence Marketing
  • Natalia Baryshnikova, Group Product Manager, Experience
  • Rachel Crossman, Sr Product Manager, Platform Editor
  • Renato Galindo, Design Manager 
  • Rylee Frazier, Designer, Mobile
  • Sai Ramanathan, Engineer Manager, Content Experience
  • Steven Bao, Sr Program Manager
  • Tiffany Chang, Product Manager, Onboarding
  • Tony Cinotto, Program Manager
  • Traci Wilbanks, Sr Content Designer

If Confluence was a celebrity, who would it be?

What one Confluence feature would you bring if you were stranded on a deserted island?

If Confluence were a music genre, what would it be? 

Describe your personal teamwork style in terms of cooking.

What would the Confluence mascot be?

What Confluence feature best describes your personality?

If you could have a Confluence template for any life problem, what would you want?

What TV sitcom family is your team?

If Confluence, as a knowledge base, held answers to all the world's mysteries, what question would you want answered? 

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Capi [resolution]
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March 1, 2021

Hahah "Connie would be a golden retriever", somehow have to agree to that.


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