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Full width mode is now available for the new editor in Confluence

Hello Community,

Avinoam here from Confluence Product Management.

We heard that you want to control your page margins – rather than having to stick with the current, fixed-width content area.

So, we added a toggle that lets you extend or contract all the elements on a page.

full width.gif

You can also individually control the width of tables, the columns in the available page layouts, and most macros.

While we were at it, we explored which actions are used most when actively editing a page and made these improvements:

  • Shifted the page Permissions action closer to the Publish button. Those actions are most likely to happen when making the content available for others.

  • Grouped page-level actions like Move Page and Add Labels in the three dots ( ... ) menu as those aren't as crucial when editing a page. You'll be better equipped to determine the page's location and labels after you are done working with the page content.

There are scenarios in regards to full width that aren’t supported yet, which we’ll be prioritizing and would love your feedback on:

  • Copying a full width page will copy as fixed width, which can be then set back to fixed width. Ideally this will change to persist the full width selection from the copied page.

  • Custom templates can’t yet be saved as full width by default. You’ll still need to set them to full width. Ideally this will change to be configurable upon a custom template creation.

  • All system provided template will open as full width by default. Moving forward we’ll be evaluating the ability for specific templates to be provided as full width out of the box depending on their use case.

  • Full width can’t yet be saved as a space or user level setting. I.E. a user or admin can configure that all their pages will open in the editor by default in full width. This is also something we’ll be evaluating more closely moving forward and which we’d love your feedback on.

To read more about the new experience, visit the documentation below:

We hope you enjoy using the new Confluence editor. If you have any questions or concerns, please leave us feedback in the comments below or within the edit mode.


Merve Nur Bas
Rising Star
Rising Star
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July 25, 2019

Hey  @Avinoam


great feature. What Confluence (Server) version supports the new Editor?

My best


John Fenger July 25, 2019

Great to see a more clear road map for getting us back to a functional full width.   

  • Templates are key to us and a real challenge that they don't yet work. 
  • We are a max width by default company so all users would appreciate that default being switched around. 

The only thing i don't see is making full width actually fully responsive max width right now its not really full width its just wider... which is better, and again we are a company, like most modern tech companies full of at min 24in 4k monitors. and we like to build tables and take up that space.   

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Aleksnadra Klusinska July 29, 2019

Will this feature (full-width option) will be available in already created docs - to edit its layout,  not to recreate 500 pages?

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Abdelmajid Souid July 31, 2019


how can we enable the new editor in confluence , is there any configuration to make ?


Charles August 12, 2019

It appears that template pages cannot go full width.

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Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
September 5, 2019

Quick update, based on your feedback we've added a setting that will allow you to state that you want all your new pages to open by default in full width.

To enable this, go on the bottom left of the nav bar to your user icon > click Settings > click Editor > click Edit > check the "Enable full-width as the default for new pages." box > click Submit.

Next things we're working on for full width improvements:

  1. Allowing to make custom templates full width.
  2. Making certain system templates/blueprints full width by default.
Jørgen Flobak September 19, 2019

thanks for the setting, but this is not full width:

full page not.png

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Mark Brunwin October 7, 2019

Simple question - I have tried the new editor and although the width adjustor is available to make the page full width, what I can't do is select a SINGLE column, which is what we use 80% of the time in the pages on our Cloud site. There are 5 column layout choices, but not a single one (see screenshot).

This was the default in the old editor, and yet it seems to have disappeared in the new editor! As a result - if we use the new editor, we lose 30% of the real estate - which for pages with wide tables (such as meeting-notes template is a real problem and a backward step). Screenshot 2019-10-07 at 10.12.35.png

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Mike Bowen
Rising Star
Rising Star
Rising Stars are recognized for providing high-quality answers to other users. Rising Stars receive a certificate of achievement and are on the path to becoming Community Leaders.
October 8, 2019

How does one see or get the new editor to load for my Cloud Confluence? I am looking at screenshots attached in the comments above, and your screens look different to mine. I also don't see this button to make the page full width or not? (I did switch off Full Width in the Settings - Editor area. 

Some other things I notice the font icon doesn't have the coloured underline. Here is what my confluence looks like: 

Confluence Editor.pngThe full width option, does this apply to Confluence pages that are external facing for our customers who log in via customer portal? 



Milo Grika November 14, 2019

Both modes cause a large Page Properties Report to fit to the page which means that each column might be 1 character wide.

Luckily I was able to use the (soon to be removed) legacy template which displays the Report properly.

Will the new "wide" mode be fixed to account for all basic macros?

Niko Antonogiannis November 15, 2019

Hi Avinoam,

In our new company's Confluence instance we no longer have the toggle that lets you extend or contract all the elements on a page.

I previously laid out my pages with the fixed width and were fine but now in the full-width they do not look as good.

Is there any other way to reduce the width of the page?


Kind Regards,


Elle Allen February 7, 2020

The template full width by default is a very important feature for us - is there a place this aspect is garnering interest?

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Heather Austin April 2, 2020

The template full width is important to me as well. 
Would be great to have the full width available for the heading of the template, currently I can only change to full width by editing a page that has been created using my template.

Is this getting any interest or likely to be completed soon?

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Peter Notenbaert August 13, 2020

When would true full width be available. Still so much white space being wasted.

Help Desk November 2, 2020

does full width only work in the editor?  when i publish the page and view the article on the portal, it is not showing in full width.  Confluence Cloud. 

Sergei Kuzmin November 10, 2020

So much traction to get a good feature back after being broken...

Why your UX hasn't checked the feedback for the "narrow" document?

Why having a default wide mode is such a problem? Looks like a simple flag stored in global settings or a flag stored with a template.

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Lauranne Sins December 23, 2020

For sure I agree: having the ability to create full width templates is more than a nice-to-have !! Thank you.

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Rachel Martz January 5, 2021

Hi. I work in data. The old editor automatically accommodated visualizing data sets and maps that often spanned screens horizontally by generating a scroll bar. I can't figure out how to work past having the table smooshed together into a single, unusable screen. How do I enable a larger table view? Thank you

Thies Uhlenbruch February 7, 2021

Hi, is it possible to have the full width mode in Confluence Cloud as default?

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shadi.shahsavani March 5, 2021

Is there no middleway between full width and thin width? At least with tables there are 3 settings. 

My way out used to be to write what I needed in a 'layouts' box and change the width of that but the possibility of having just one column in the layouts box has been removed.

AND there is no longer any easy way to move the layouts boxes up or down... *sigh*


It was one of the most useful features, allowing for easy-ier text mobility.

The new confluence messes up so many good things. Feels like working with half a confluence. Why would you mess up a good thing?

At least you could have let ppl choose between the old view and the new one until....

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Marco Rappe May 5, 2021

Is there a feature request for changing width in Templates, yet? 
Comments here and otherwise suggest, that this feature is sorely missed since 2019!

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Chris Stein May 10, 2021

Please, please, please let me change the default from fixed width to full width.  The use cases for fixed width in my organization are close to zero - 99% of our documents need to be full width and it is an annoying extra step with onboarding new or infrequent users that they have to look for this little control on the page to get the space they need and they can't figure out "what they're doing wrong."  Whoever is going to respond to this with, "all you have to do is... blah, blah, blah" it may not be a big deal to you but think about the friction you're creating for those users on the periphery--they are just as important to the success of your product as your power users that you prefer to cater to.

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Geschäftsstelle September 17, 2021

@Sharon Tan @Eric Le 

Where is the Full-width by default?

Nobody uses fixed-width! It's annoying!

Cameron Kirby September 30, 2021

Hi @Avinoam 


Just jumping in here after discussing this with a colleague. I prefer fixed width as I find it makes most things easier for me to read (I think it's a dyslexia thing). But my colleague really prefers full width as that's easier for him to read.

Can we make this a user preference rather than a document preference? As far as I can see confluence does a great job with it's responsive UI and changing between them doesn't cause any document breaking issues. So why not let users view it the way they'd like?

Chris O'Hare February 2, 2022

Agree with the comments above, definitely personal preference on the fixed vs full width. Being able to set a personal/per-use default would be great.

Furthermore, one thing I think that's missing (and a few have mentioned above) is the option to have a middle width, wider than fixed, but shorter than full.

Most screens these days are pretty big but the fixed width is still quite thin, and the full width is almost buffer-less (i.e. too wide for some tastes) - having a "middle" width (70%? something like that) would be really nice, please!

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