Easy ways to move, delete, copy and pages in Confluence

Hi Community,

I’m a product manager for Confluence excited to introduce improved ways to move, delete, and copy pages!

We didn’t change where this happens. You still go to the More actions ( ••• ) menu in the upper-right corner of a page. But we’ve simplified the methods:

🔎 Browse or search for a page’s new location

Screen Shot 2021-01-13 at 8.54.48 AM.png

You now have more control over where exactly you move the page within a page tree. You can drag & drop your page to anywhere in a page tree.

If you accidentally dragged and dropped a page into the wrong place, no worries! Just select Start over. Your page will return to its original location, and you can pick a new location.


The new search will help you find your space even faster because it auto-fills as you type and shows results near the top that you are most likely to use based on your activity.


:signpost: Get guided help when moving pages

Sometimes you may be trying to move a page into a Space that has strict permissions. We now display messages that explain any issues you might run into when attempting to move a page.


🗑 Delete a page without leaving it

Previously while deleting, you would be redirected to an entirely different page confirming your desire to delete. Now, you can stay on the page you’re deleting – a box will pop up confirming the delete, on top of your existing page.

delete page (1).gif

Choose if you want to delete or archive a page

You now have the option to archive a page if you’re not quite ready to commit to deleting! Note, this only applies if you have permission to delete or archive pages.


Learn if pages you want to delete have children pages

If you’re not sure if the page you want to delete has children pages or incoming links, we will warn you before you hit that big red button.


👯‍♂️Copy pages and their children

In case you missed it, we also improved the copy page experience. You can now copy all the children under a page to any space you chose, all with one click. Read more about it here.

image-20210128-063429 (1).png

:check_mark: Give these a try!

We think these processes are a little more intuitive and faster – hopefully making Confluence a little more delightful. Give it a try and let us know what feedback you have in the comments below.


Fabienne Gerhard
Community Leader
Community Leader
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March 4, 2021

Wow - this looks nice! 

Matthias Born March 9, 2021

@DJ Chung  Your page title is somewhat in incomplete. Or my english to bad ;-)

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DJ Chung
Atlassian Team
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March 10, 2021

@Matthias Born fixed, thank you!

Ronny Zulaikha July 16, 2021

Sorry, but for me the new user interface is a step backwards. When reordering a page under the same parent I found the previous user interface reliable. I find the new interface to be so fiddly that most of the time I have to "Start Over" and then give up in frustration.

It seems too sensitive to the mouse position, that often it thinks I want to change the parent page rather than just the position. When needing to drag the page somewhere outside of what is currently visible, the auto scroll drives me crazy (i.e. impossible to control reliably)

The old GUI was simpler. It (very reasonably) assumed that the page being moved was the one you were on, and therefore a user only needed to set the destination.

I can't imagine anyone with imprecise motor control being successful with this.


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