Answering your most frequently asked questions about Confluence 7.0

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I’m Makisa, a product manager on Confluence Server and Data Center. A few weeks ago, my team hosted a webinar called Introducing Confluence 7.0. Many webinar attendees asked great questions, and we thought it would be beneficial to share our answers to the most frequently asked questions below:


When will (insert database name or Java version here) be supported?

We’ve heard your feedback for additional supported platforms and are currently considering our future platform investments. The best way to check which databases and Java versions are supported is to keep an eye on our Supported Platforms page.

What is Confluence doing to address security issues? I’ve spent a lot of time upgrading due to several critical security patches this year.

Addressing security vulnerabilities is a top priority for our team and we put our effort into a robust detect, fix and prevent process. Our teams run numerous proactive security activities, including our Bugcrowd program and automatic security scans. When a vulnerability is found, we assess its potential impact and respond according to our SLAs. For a critical vulnerability, we work on issuing a new bug fix release as soon as possible and we encourage all customers to stay on the latest bug fix release for the version of the product you are using.

We are sorry about the impact of recent vulnerabilities on your upgrade plans. We know that planning and executing an upgrade can be time-intensive, which is why we will continue to be proactive with our communications through channels like email and the Community.

Where can I find more information about Atlassian’s partnership with Slack and the Confluence-Slack integration?

More information about our partnership is available on our website. The Confluence Server for Slack (Official) integration is available via an Atlassian Marketplace app.

Does it cost money to upgrade to Confluence 7.0?

There is no additional cost to upgrade to Confluence 7.0, as long as you have a current license for Confluence Server or Data Center.

All Confluence Server licenses include 12 months of software maintenance – which includes access to new software releases like 7.0, our world-class Support team, critical bug fixes, and security patches. Beyond this initial period, we strongly encourage renewing your software maintenance every 12 months at our renewal pricing.

All Confluence Data Center licenses are annual term licenses – which includes access to new software releases like 7.0, our world-class Support team, critical bug fixes, and security patches. Data Center licenses do expire and are not perpetual like our Server licenses. To continue using Confluence Data Center after the original annual term, it is necessary to renew your Data Center term license.

Will Atlassian continue to support Confluence Server?

Yes! We will continue to support Confluence Server for many years to come. With improvements in Confluence 7.0, we hope your teams can spend less time administering Confluence and more time on what matters to you. We have a full roadmap of additional improvements in our 7.x releases and are eager to continue delivering value to our Server customers.

Will features like read-only mode and CDN support eventually be introduced to Confluence Server?

Over the past few years, we’ve released features, like read-only mode and CDN support, that are only available for Confluence Data Center customers. We do not have plans to make these features available in Confluence Server. If you are interested in these features, we encourage you to try Confluence Data Center.

What do I need to enable a CDN with Confluence Data Center? Which CDNs can I use?

You will need your own CDN and access to your load balancer, firewall and Confluence admin console. Detailed instructions are available here. You may use whichever CDN you prefer, common CDNs include AWS CloudFront, Cloudflare, Akamai, and others.

When is the next Enterprise release of Confluence?

We will be communicating details about our next Enterprise release for Confluence in early 2020.


Thanks as always for your questions and feedback! To find out more about Confluence 7.0, check out these resources, or add your comments below!




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