1000+ Confluence pages later and I'm still happy to create Another One

With more than 1000 Confluence pages behind my back, I admit there is no use case I cannot cover. 

Being part of the Atlassian world for almost 6 years, Confluence is standing by my side since day 1. At Botron, an Atlassian marketplace vendor, we used Confluence to order our marketing chaos, create, share and review content, and keep everything else on track.  

I was absolutely unable to showcase only one page, so here they are - 3 mighty screenshots of 3 completely different activities. 


My Favorite Page #1

Yes, it's just a simple page where I wrote down my team's clothing sizes. But I love it mostly because:

a) It's a good and easy way to prepare a surprising swag

b) You have a 100% collaboration score: nobody wants a wrong size, right ;) 

c) It's about my team! That's always special. ๐Ÿ’™




My Favorite Page #2

I created this series called "The Power Admin Lion Adventures" after a swag we gave away at Atlassian Summit. 

The purpose of these pages in Confluence was to share some nice photos with the entire team. I know people are browsing spaces when they are bored and what's better than adventure photos with a cute fluff. 



My Favorite Page #3

After leaving the company, I started planning a new side project. No need to tell you I made a personal Confluence space right away. 

The Confluence Cloud layout is so cool that I felt pressured to create something nice for my project timeline.




That said, I feel like I'm on my way to creating Another One. :)




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