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New Jira/Wiki Design still feels uncomfortable

MarioRolletschek August 8, 2018


Since Jira and Wiki are an important part of my work, I have to say that now. The new Design ... I've been really trying to get along with it since release. I am really sorry but it still feels uncomfortable. The old Design was more intuitive. Especially the Wiki, here I only use the search to find areas or pages, since the new design. The project design in Jira also feels uncomfortable. The 20 pages "new design" tutorial do not help. I do not have the time to read all that. That must work immediately. At least one could have kept, the option to switch back to the old design. Would be really great if that would be possible again.


I do not want to be mean, just some feedback. Sorry for my english :P (german)

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Joshua McManus August 8, 2018

Yeah, I'm with you on that. I've been trying to get used to the new design for the past year+ now (at least it seems like it's been that long) and I'm still fumbling around trying to find the things that were so easy for me in the past.  All my dashboards were right there in a dropdown (that SAID Dashboards). All my boards in a separate click away from a list. Getting to a clean search page was always just right I have to load ALL my issues in a project before I can start typing out my JQL. I also regularly get confused in Confluence when trying to find a simple tree view of all my documents...the terms and icons just don't quite match with my expectations of what they are used for. And it's not because I was just so used to the old made sense to me when it sat down to Jira for the first time. This new UI just isn't intuitive to me at all.

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