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Develop Jira - PDM System Integration

Jamie Wardlaw August 22, 2018


I am interested in identifying other users out there who are using Jira across multi-disciplinary engineering teams e.g. Software, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic etc. Such teams may be developing electro-mechanical systems/products and use a PDM system for their configuration management and release of change orders to manufacturing. It is likely they maintain software repositories for the development of the software and simply have releases stored as PDM objects (parts). This is the reality of where we are today and the PDM system we have chosen is PDM-Pro of Dassault systems, primarily because it is biased/integrated to the Solidworks CAD tool in use by our mechanical engineers. Problems I have with PDMPro are the change management aspects, by which I mean enterprise change management via change requests (CRs) and change orders (COs). As a task management platform PDMPro falls short. It falls short in other areas too but that is out of context on this forum!

We use Jira increasingly for all task management in the company so it seems reasonable to implement the change management aspects of Product Development in Jira and leave PDM-Pro to the configuration management i.e. clearly identifed, named, numbered rev'd engineering BOMs that deliver a baseline of information to manufacturing upon release of a CO. Jira can handle the workflow associated with raising, planning and closing of CR's and the subsequent release of the CO. All we need is to build links to the underlying objects/artifacts in the PDM system that were changed for that CR.

The requirements are quite simple and the integration points between the two systems could mimic those used by the Jira SVN plugins and other similar repository plugins.

Unfortunately, PDM-Pro does not present a very user friendly API and the development cost with a VAR of solidworks is prohibitively expensive. Does anyone else out there see a need for such integrations, if so I would be very interested to discuss with them.





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Jacques DIDIER September 27, 2018


I am very interested to discuss about a solution PDM. Some years ago we were using Teamcenter linked to NX. unfortunetely we stopped to use it and now all the files are located on a local disk. You can imagine that we have no links between the files, no history, no revision management, no tracking for the tasks, modifications, schedule etc. etc.

Now, we are looking to re-implemente a solution. We have no preconceived ideas about "Who is the best"... and after five years I think that some "little" companies or communities have done a break into this market. Clearly the goal is to look who can do what. What do you think about that ?


Jamie Wardlaw September 27, 2018

Hello Jacques,

What PDM tool are you using at present? Is it Solidworks PDM-Pro?


Jacques DIDIER May 8, 2019

We have no PDM at this time. We were using Teamcenter. The CAD software is NX11.

Abdullah Yiğit May 8, 2019


I advise to use ARAS PLM  for managing CAD data to link between the files .

Program basic is open source and has a subscription model .

Also we developed NX -Aras connector interface   to send and archive data easily.

Gilbert Stein October 15, 2020

@Jacques DIDIER 

We are starting now to implement Teamcenter as PDM and NX as CAD in our company. And we are already using JIRA since 20 years. Do anyone know about a connector between JIRA and Teamcenter?
We want to stay using JIRA and not to change to Polarion (Siemens own ticket solution software)
Thanks for information,

Michael Kick December 8, 2020

Jira and Teamcenter both support the OSLC standard for linking objects between the two systems. OSLC can also use UIs exposed by the other system via Consumer / Friend definitions. What you need is the OSLC Connect for Jira package and a TC guy that can configure the connection thru BMIDE in TC.

Matvey Zagaynov February 4, 2021

Hi @Gilbert Stein ,


We're now also looking for a TC to Jira connector - have you been successful in finding something in the market (or ordering from some vendors)? 

Gilbert Stein February 4, 2021

No, Matvey Zagaynov,

up to now, I did not start any further investigations.

Abdullah Yiğit May 8, 2019

Hi Everyone

we have successfully completed PDM Jira interface . you can write me your request.



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Jacques DIDIER May 8, 2019

Hello, Have you an example of what the JIRA interface can do ?

Is it possible to manage the CAD files from NX (Siemens) ?


Abdullah Yiğit May 9, 2019

In Jira you can manage workflow of  your NX CAD files status.

In My opinion you need a PLM-PDM solution to manage cad files .

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Benoit July 21, 2020

Can you give us a bit more information?

Matvey Zagaynov February 4, 2021

hey @Abdullah Yiğit how can i dm you? 

Abdullah Yiğit February 4, 2021

Hi Matvey sure 👍

Abdullah Yiğit February 4, 2021

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