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  • An early look at Compass pricing Featured

    Compass was in alpha for a year before recently moving to beta, showing our confidence that the problem of software sprawl exists and our ability to provide a solution that helps engineering teams bu...

    Kelvin Yap published an article 23 0 07-25-2022
  • Compass is moving to beta! Featured

    Today is a huge milestone for Compass - we’re officially in beta! Compass continues to evolve thanks to your continued usage, feedback and interviews, and since we moved to an open alpha our confiden...

    Kelvin Yap published an article 26 8 06-28-2022
  • Getting started with Compass Featured

    Welcome to the Compass community! Compass is a developer experience platform that provides a unified representation of the engineering output in one place. Compass helps you track the things your e...

    Kelvin Yap published an article 7 4 11-18-2021
  • Upgrade your Swagger UI app for improved performance

    What’s happening? What do you get someone who has everything? Storage. While we can’t say you’re able to store terabytes of family photos on Compass, we can say that we’ve improved the perfor...

    Matt Boulton published an article 8 0 yesterday
  • Introducing: Derived Metrics!

    ...reating a new metric source from the API, pass the `derived: true` option to your `createMetricSource` input For example: { "input": { "componentId": "<Your componentARI here>", "m...

    Henry Olson published an article 11 1 yesterday
  • How are you using Compass? Share your Compass story and inspire others!

    Hello Compass Friends, The Community wants to know how you are using Compass, and we want to share your story. Tell us how you’re using Compass to improve your team’s developer experience and impro...

    Wayne Dailey published an article 6 0 Thursday
  • Have the Github integrations been updated?

    I noticed when I added Github repository addresses to some of my components that new metric fields (i.e. Build Success Rates) are now being displayed. Are these new features? If so, is there any doc...

    John Medina asked a question 4 3 09-20-2022
  • The Components list has a fresh new look!

    Behold! Our new Components list screen is now live, as foretold in the August edition of the Compass Communiqué. We've combined our Advanced Search experience, including sorting and fil...

    Katie Silver published an article 17 3 09-19-2022
  • Not able to add more than 10 metrics on a service and application in compass.

    Currently I am try to add metrics card on service. But when its exceeding more that 10 its starts giving below error says Error creating metric source. Please refer the attached screenshot.  

    Anupama _ asked a question 1 1 09-19-2022
  • Keyboard shortcuts are in Compass!

    “I was dating a keyboard but we had to break up. It just wasn't my type.” Thankfully, you won’t want to break up with your keyboard when you use Compass, because we’ve added a bunch of keyboard s...

    Matt Boulton published an article 10 4 09-06-2022
  • Question about Github API Authentication

    Hello,  I'm working on a dataProviderModule to retrieve data from an external source (via Github API calls). I am authenticating my API calls as coming from a Github App authentication, and h...

    John Medina asked a question 1 7 08-30-2022
  • Compass Communique: August 2022

    Hello Friends of Compass, This month we’ll explore important concepts around components, share exciting UI changes coming your way, and provide more opportunities to share your ideas on component t...

    Wayne Dailey published an article 2 0 08-29-2022
  • Activity Monitoring for Components

    We are trying to integrate Compass as a dashboard to observe different environments for our builds. I had added the deployment and name tags to the bitbucket-pipeline.yml file under the branches in t...

    Isaac Petersen asked a question 1 2 08-26-2022
  • Component scorecards relocation

    Hello, everyone - Ra here from the Compass design team. We will soon introduce exciting changes to the Component overview page to optimize the overall page structure and continue delivering better ca...

    Ra Kang published an article 12 0 08-25-2022
  • Metrics Calculations in Compass

    Hi there,  I'm wondering whether you've considered having support for metrics calculation in Compass? By this I mean the ability for Compass to receive single values via API that are stored and...

    Pete Capra started a discussion 5 11 08-23-2022
  • use case/benefit/value add unclear

    Hi, i struggle to see the value add of compass. What does it do that version control and ci/cd isn´t doing or providing already? What am i missing?

    Peter Jetter started a discussion 1 2 08-19-2022
  • Observability, APM, and Logging integrations and Compass

    Hey everyone, Josh here from the Compass product team. One of the many things we’ve been working on is creating integrations with tools across different categories like   source   code &nbs...

    Josh Campbell published an article 7 2 08-17-2022
  • Github integration and Build Status

    I am attempting to use Compass to monitor the status of the many repositories my company manages using Github. We mainly use Github Actions to run CI/CD pipelines on changes to our repositories and l...

    John Medina asked a question 2 6 08-17-2022
  • What component types would you like to see?

    Hey Compass Community! We’ve been researching component types to explore how we can best let you change which component types are available on your Compass site, and we’d love to get your input. Ri...

    Patrick Hill started a discussion 8 20 08-09-2022
  • POSTPONED: A brand new way to track Jira issues against Compass components.

    Update August 3rd, 2022: The Compass/JSW App has been rolled back.   Due to some unforeseen technical issues, we’ve rolled back the release of the Jira Software / Compass app. ...

    Katie Silver published an article 10 4 08-02-2022
  • Compass Communique: July 2022

    Hello Friends of Compass! Summer holidays are in full swing but Compass beta isn’t slowing down. We’ve got new features like announcement emails and support for multiple Bitbucket workspaces, plus...

    Wayne Dailey published an article 12 0 07-28-2022
  • Ch-Ch-Ch-Changing (your Component Types)

    Hello Compass beta users! I'm here with another quick update. Apologies for the terrible pun in the title, I can't resist 😂   As you know, a key part of setting up your Compass catalog is u...

    Katie Silver published an article 11 0 07-27-2022
  • How to delete components and teams from Compass (or Directory)?

    As part of the efforts to use the compass as a source of truth, we didn't find how we could delete components, teams, etc.      

    Aviya Vaitzman started a discussion 0 1 07-26-2022
  • Is integration between Opsgenie and Compass, and Insight and Opsgenie available yet?

    I would like to know if its possible to configure alerts through integration between Opsgenie and Compass to notify stakeholders, team owners, and etc. if a component were to experience an issue. I'd...

    rain_ettienne asked a question 3 3 07-26-2022
  • Feedback after starting to onboard Compass

    Thanks for adding custom fields.  They aren’t searchable yet. Custom fields are still a bit limited, for example we wanted to use it to identify the individual named owners of the component (we...

    Dan G started a discussion 5 13 07-22-2022
  • Shape the future of Compass in the Compass Research Group!

    Hi Compass community, We’re grateful that you’ve been able to join us on our journey to build Compass. Your feedback continues to be crucial in helping us build a product that you and your team lov...

    Sophie Avard published an article 9 6 07-19-2022
  • Can I customize the component categories?

    Today, I see Services, Libraries, Applications, and Other. I don't see a way to add/modify this list and wanted to reach out to know if this has been discussed, or if I'm blind.  One category I...

    mwelter27 asked a question 5 2 07-08-2022
  • Generate compass.yml file

    I'm currently trying out compass. I like how I can quickly create and configure components via a point-and-click UI. I also appreciate the configuration-as-code support and using compass.yml as a sou...

    Dmitry Pashkevich asked a question 5 9 07-07-2022
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Compass helps teams navigate their distributed architecture, bringing disconnected information about engineering output and the teams collaborating on them together in a central, searchable location. This group serves to collaborate with and support users of Compass. Join the group to ask questions, share feedback, and communicate with the Compass team.

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