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Upgrade your Swagger UI app for improved performance

What’s happening?

What do you get someone who has everything? Storage.

While we can’t say you’re able to store terabytes of family photos on Compass, we can say that we’ve improved the performance of the Swagger UI app.

You can upload and view Swagger files faster than before, and we’ve raised the Swagger file size limit from 3MB to 15MB. Now we’re talking!

To benefit from these improvements, you'll need to upgrade the app and re-upload your Swagger files to your components. (Because we’re still in Beta, we had re-write the back end of the app to accommodate the new storage limit.)



Upgrade instructions

  1. Save your Swagger files locally, or note their source. You’ll need to re-upload them after upgrading.

  2. In Compass, select Apps in the main navigation, then find the Swagger UI app row.

    Swagger UI app upgrade row.png

  3. Select Upgrade in the Swagger UI app row. A new browser tab will open.

  4. In the new browser tab, select the Installations tab, then select Upgrade for the sites you want to update the Swagger UI app for. The upgrade can take up to a minute.


  5. In Compass, go back to the components that you want to re-upload your Swagger files for, and follow the upload instructions on each component's Swagger UI page.

    (If you set up your build pipelines to upload your Swagger files automatically using the API, update your scripts to use the new upload endpoint – which now require an API token you can generate from the instructions page.)



As always, we’d love to hear your feedback about these recent changes, and any other thoughts you have about the Swagger app. Just don’t expect us to host your 4K video library any time soon 😉

Happy Swaggering!



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