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Suggestion: Avoid using Jira Next-Gen

Craig Vogel August 26, 2020

Just a heads up for anyone considering using Jira Next-Gen to manage your projects...simply don't bother. 

I use a 2018 Macbook paired with a great internet connection and I can say after a year of using Jira Next-Gen that it legitimately is the slowest, worst performing web application that I have ever used. 

There is lag with essentially everything action you take. Opening the board, opening the backlog, moving items up/down, reloading a page. Expect a massive lag and delay as well as choppy behaviour. 

For a company like Atlassian to release a product like this is simple embarrassing. There's no excuse. 

I'm currently wasting my time moving 5 projects back to the classic Jira mode because we are finding the next-gen unusable. 

I've open support tickets, providing screen recordings, and have straight up been told that this is a known issue. 

Reconsider your decision to use next-gen as you will likely switch back after a short while. 

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Sanmat Jhanjhari September 14, 2020

Hi, I do not have great NG experience either. I think it's good as an experiment for a Team to get comfortable with Jira. The frustrating part is, you can not migrate into Classic with all Data.

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