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importing an android repo to bitbucket

mikem388 February 8, 2020

I am trying to add an Android repo (400+ git repos) into bitbucket. Gogglesource and gerrit use the same file system tree structure as the Android repo when it is synched to a locallocal system.  An example of this structure might look like this:






So my manifest file will have "PATH=device/google/marlin" So the structure has directories and sub-directories. Apparently Bitbucket can't deal with directories and is is frustrating. Using bitbucket you have to change the path to "PATH=device_google_marlin", a flat structure. Then when you pull new stuff from gogglesource to your local repo, you have to use another manifest file the supports the tree structure. This makes everything more complicated.

So there has to be a question in this somewhere: Why can't Bitbucket support a tree structure. I see a number of people have asked for this for years but apparently Atlassian has yet to do this. Surely, I'm not the only one trying to build an Android system. I'd like to hear from more people trying to do this and maybe they have a solution other than the hack of change the path to a flat system.








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