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Git Basic Commands

 Installation and configuration:

Installing git on redhat based system

$ sudo yum install git

 Installing git on debian based system

$ sudo apt-get install git

  To configure the Editor

$ git config --global core.editor "/usr/bin/vim"

  Cloning Repository

 To Clone the repository on local

$ git clone <repository_URL>

 Git Branching

 To check all the remote branch

$ git branch -a

 To check the current branch

$ git branch

 To create branch

$ git branch <branch_name>

 To switch branch

$ git checkout <branch_name>

 To create and switch to the branch

$ git checkout -b <branch_name>

To rename the branch

$ git branch -m <branch_name>

 Git add/commit/push/merge

To add all file to the repository

$ git add .

  To commit the changes

$ git commit -m <commit_message>

 To push the changes to the branch

$ git push origin <branch_name>

 To merge

$ git merge <branch_name>

 To remove the file/directory from repository

$ git rm <file/dir_ name>

 Git Ignore

Globally Ignore:

 To create Ignore file for globally

$ git config –global <file_name> <path>

 Example: git config --global core.excludesfile '/etc/gitignore'

 Locally Ignore:

 To create Ignore file

$ vim .gitignore

 Example: *.dll - To ignore the .dll Files.

tmp/* - To ignore tmp directory and files in it.

 Git changes Tracking

  To check the commit history

$ cat .git/refs/heads/<branch_name>

 To know which file has been tracked

$ git status -s

 Example: A License ( A for added and <file_name>),  AM License (A for added and M for modified <file_name)

 To check file changes in detail

$ git status -v

 To check the commit history in detail

$ git log

 To check to commit history in one line

$ git log –oneline

 To check the last 10commits

$ git log -10

To check In graph view

$ git log –graph

 Git Tag

To check the Tag

$ git tag

To create the Tag

$ git tag -a <tag_name/version no> -m <message>

 To check the tag commit details

$ git show <version no/tag_name>

 To delete the Tag

$ git tag -d <tag_name>

 Git Difference

To check the latest commit difference

$ git diff

 To check the difference between two commits

$ git diff <commit_ID1> <commit_ID2>

 To check commit difference summary

$ git diff –summary <commit_ID1> <commit_ID2>

Git Garbage Collection

To check, if the repository needs to clean

$ git gc --auto

 To remove old objects (Older than two weeks)

$ git gc –prune

 To configure gc should clean garbage every 30 days

$ git config gc.pruneexpire "30 days"



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