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You can now migrate apps using the Cloud Migration Assistants


When it comes to Cloud migrations, we know that apps are an important part of the equation. More than 60% of Atlassian Server customers use at least one Marketplace app or integration. And when asked about what factors they evaluate when choosing software, 65% of Atlassian Community leaders said that extensibility and apps are “very important” or “extremely important” factors to consider.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that automated app migration is now supported in the Jira and Confluence Cloud Migration Assistants.


The Jira Cloud Migration Assistant is already installed in Jira 8.14 and above, or can be downloaded from the Atlassian Marketplace. The Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant is already installed in Confluence Server 6.13 and above, or can be downloaded from the Atlassian Marketplace.


We’ve partnered with more than 25 top Marketplace Partners to enable automated app data migration for more than 70 Marketplace apps. Today, customer favorites like Questions for Confluence, JSU Automation Suite for Jira Workflows, Viewtracker Analytics for Confluence, Markdown Macro for Confluence, and Create on Transition already support automated app data migration. We are continuing to work with Marketplace Partners to bring even more automated app migration paths to you. See here for the full list of development in progress.


When you assess your apps within the Jira and Confluence Cloud Migration Assistants, you’ll be able to see whether your apps have migration paths, and if they do, whether those paths are manual or automated.

Here’s what assessing your apps will look like within each tool:


 Screen Shot 2021-11-18 at 11.36.25 am.png screenshot_JCMA-assess-your-apps.png 
    Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant        Jira Cloud Migration Assistant


For detailed information on how to migrate apps, visit Atlassian’s support documentation:

How to migrate app data using the Cloud Migration Assistants:

  1. Assess your apps

  2. Prepare your cloud site for app migration by:

    1. Connecting to your cloud site

    2. Installing your apps

    3. Agreeing to automated app migration

  3. Migrate your app data by:

    1. Connecting to your cloud site

    2. Choosing your migration options

    3. Checking for errors

    4. Reviewing your migration plan

    5. Running the migration

Two important notes for customers who are interested in automated app migration:

  • Automated app migration features are not available for customers using site import

  • As the app migration features are still in beta, we recommend thoroughly testing your migration with apps in advance.

If you have feedback or questions about app migrations, please let us know in the comments below.



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Nick Dring December 1, 2021

I was quite relieved when I saw that JCMA was finally working with JSM Projects. Unfortunately, it still doesn't work for us. Manually importing to the cloud isn't working yet for us either. I've been trying to get this done for a month and we still haven't run a successfully test run. It's a nightmare.

Patrick van der Rijst December 1, 2021

Hi @Nick Dring

Are you in contact with Atlassian Support about this? You'll get a dedicated Cloud migration specialist that can help you during the migration process. Additionally you may want to reach out to an Atlassian Partner that can help as well.

Nick Dring December 2, 2021

Hi @Patrick van der Rijst yes sure I have a specialist helping me.

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