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Jira Cloud to Cloud Migration is here! Get early access

Migrating projects between cloud sites is a complex process. You told us about your need for a better way to achieve this migration. We’ve also received a large number of votes and comments on this related JAC ticket.

We hear you.

We’ve been working to build a simple path for migrating projects between cloud sites within the same organization, and today I want to share details of an early access program for Jira Cloud-to-Cloud Migration, a new feature within Jira. The goal of the early access program is to test real-world data migration and to get feedback from your experience, thereby helping us build a robust product before we offer the capability more broadly.

The Jira cloud-to-cloud migration feature is under active development and while we don’t migrate everything yet, we are building capabilities to migrate all types of Jira project data and configurations. This early access program is best suited for customers with these use cases:

  • Customers who want to move Jira Software Classic and Jira Core projects and related data.

  • Customers who are looking to migrate in May and June 2021

Note that we recently changed the project type label, where Jira Classic project will be called company-managed projects. You can read about the change in more detail here

You can read more about the cloud-to-cloud and other ongoing early access programs, from this announcement by Partha Kamal, Head of Migrations.

How to participate in the program

You can sign up for the Jira cloud-to-cloud migrations early access program using this form. Once you submit the details, we will contact you via a support ticket. We may have additional questions to understand your requirements. If you’re eligible, we’ll provide you:

  • Access to the Jira cloud-to-cloud migration feature

  • A dedicated content space with the documentation you’ll need

  • Technical support from Atlassian

Once you’ve access to the feature, either the support team will help you with the migration, or you’ll be able to migrate yourself with the simple journey that we are building. If you’re working with an Atlassian Solution Partner on your migration, please let us know within the form.

What we’re looking for

We want your feedback to understand how the Jira cloud-to-cloud migration went for you and how we can improve this capability further. We’ll use the support ticket or the documentation space created for your migration as a point for feedback, but we may additionally also want to do an interview to get detailed feedback.

We are looking for feedback on:

  • Whether the experience works for you, including any bugs or issues

  • What documentation or information you need to use the tool

  • What was helpful and easy

  • What was difficult or just didn’t work

  • Performance issues, if any

  • Additional features you might want

Key features of Jira cloud-to-cloud migration

Users will be able to select Jira Core and/or Jira Software Classic project(s) from the source site to migrate to a new or existing site. With each project you will also be able to:

  1. Migrate project data for selected project(s), including all related issues

  2. Migrate all attachments related to selected projects

  3. Migrate configurations related to selected projects

  4. Migrate all users

Planning and troubleshooting your migration

If you have questions throughout the process, you’ll be able to ask in a private Atlassian Community group created specifically for this early access program. You’ll be able to provide your feedback through the dedicated documentation space.

You'll also be able to contact support at any time through your Jira support ticket.

Get involved

Sign up for the Jira cloud-to-cloud migration early access program, or follow the progress on this ticket.


Hello @Ritesh Ranjan 

Thanks for providing update on most awaited feature migration between two cloud instances.

I have 1 query.. Is this migration tool is going to Migrate all items like, which are not currently covered by Jira cloud migration assistance tool which are mentioned under What isn't migrated section.

Thanks in advance !!!


Like Jan Jiránek likes this

Hello @venky 

We'll soon be sharing a document about what we migrate with the EAP. 

> Users will be able to select Jira Core and/or Jira Software Classic project(s) from the source site to
> migrate to a new or existing site. With each project you will also be able to:

3 weeks ago I received a newsletter from Atlassian informing me that Software Classic projects are supposed to be called "company-managed projects", but this blog post is still using the old name.

Is this a mistake in blog post, or are you reverting the decision of project type rename?

Like Ritesh Ranjan likes this

Hi @Grzegorz Tańczyk _Appfire_ , 

Thanks for sharing the feedback. You are right that the project naming convention has changed recently. However this change is being rolled out in phases. Read more about it here.

I will update the page to reflect the change in the project nomenclature. 

Doesn't appear that this will work with Jira Service Management?  JSM feels like a forgotten product when migrating from on-prem to cloud, and now cloud-to-cloud.

I want to import existing JSD Server projects into an existing JSM Cloud instance and it appears the only way to do this is via CSV?  

Hello community,

Thank you for your patience as we are working on enabling the Cloud-to-cloud migration for Jira Software Classic projects. We are very close to enabling the early access program for the first set of customers. Today I am sharing more information with you on this.

As this is the first version of the product that will be tested on customer data, we are taking a cautious approach to the rollout. In the 1st phase - early May, we are starting with customers who are migrating small instances in this quarter (<250 users, with users as a proxy for size). We have reached out to you via MOVE tickets that’s created for this purpose specifically. If you think you meet these criteria but have not received any communication, please drop a note on my email (, or reach out to Atlassian support.

After this 1st phase, we will open the program to the rest of customers that have signed up. This is likely to be in late-May.

Hope this helps with your migration planning and gives a clearer picture of what’s coming up.

Ritesh Ranjan
Product Manager, Atlassian Migrations

Hi all,

Thanks for your continued interest and patience.

I wanted to drop a quick note to inform you that we are pausing further rollout of the Cloud to Cloud Early Access Program until further notice. This is a hard decision to make but is in the interest of the health and safety of our colleagues working on this feature in India.

We hope to continue the rollout from mid-June, if things change we will update this ticket.

Best wishes,

Ritesh Ranjan
Product Manager, Migrations

Hi Ritesh, 

I hope your team are keeping safe and well. Do you have an update on when the roll-out is likely to be restarting?



Hi everyone,

Thank you for your continued interest and support during these times.

In the first phase of the EAP, we had 15 customers try the cloud-to-cloud migration tool. We identified and fixed lots of bugs, that has helped us tremendously to improve the tool itself. We really appreciate your help with this.

Today I have some great update about further rollout of cloud-to cloud migrations early access program. This week we are increasing the rollout further. In this phase we are enabling the early access program for customers migrating less than 1000 users.

For those who are eligible, we will be contacting through a MOVE ticket with detailed documentation and information for you to run the migration.

Once again, thanks for your support and patience.


Best wishes,

Ritesh Ranjan
Product Manager, Migrations

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So surprised this isn't a functional part of Jira yet. Please expand the test and get this feature out to the teams that need it. Right now it looks like it would be easier to migrate two teams to a different platform than to move one Jira board into a different cloud instance.

I am giddy with anticipation for the ability to move one project from Cloud to Cloud. It would save me another two weeks of struggling. Help us Obi Ranjan. You're our only hope.

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Hello Ritesh,

My organization has an immediate need to merge 2 cloud Jira Software/Confluence sites and we would very much appreciate the opportunity to be included on this trial, as we really want to avoid the struggle of migrating them using current methods.

I have registered with the program but have not received a response yet. How long will it be to hear back and will I also be notified if I am not eligible?



Hi everyone,

Thank you for your continued support and patience as we are making progress on the cloud-to-cloud migration release as part of the early access program.

Today I am happy to share that we have invited the final batch of customers for the early access program. During this phase we selected customers who are looking to move between instances over the month of August.

If you want to participate in the program, please reach out to the support team.

During Phase 2 of the program, we were able to identify 14 more bugs. We truly appreciate all the EAP participants who tried the product and gave their valuable feedback.

As a final piece, we will be sharing a short survey to get further feedback about your experience with the tool and how we can improve it further.

Best wishes,
Ritesh Ranjan
Product Manager, Migrations

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Hello Ritesh,

We have been trying to find a way to merge two separate Jira cloud instances for 8 months.  I have raised several tickets and this is the first time I have seen this program.

We recently purchased a company that is using Jira, they log in using their SSO of Google accounts.  We use SSO of Microsoft Accounts with a completely different domain name.  What we would like to do is the following:

Migrate their 6 Projects to our Jira Instance.  Have a tool that Maps the Bob@company1 user account to the Robert@company2 account as well as move the attachments, links, etc.  Does this program address not only merging but altering the mapping of user accounts?

Hi Mike, 

Do give the cloud-to-cloud migration feature a try. If you want some help, please reach out to the support teams. 

Regarding your use-case of merging/moving users, we don't support that currently.

There is a feature request for merging Atlassian accounts - It's on our future roadmap considerations, but please do vote and follow updates for the ticket. 



Hi Ritesh 

I would love to participate in the trial but have not heard back after registering. Do you still need customers to participate?



It seems disingenuous to tout about the cloud-to-cloud migration feature in this document:

When it's not actually available yet, when will it be more widely available for the rest of us?

Thank you,

Like Prasad Kawadkar likes this

Yeah. I agree with @joel.andrews

The document is out there but the feature is not actually available yet.

Desperately waiting for this. 

@Ritesh Ranjan, when will it be available for us?




Hi everyone,

This capability is currently being rolled out incrementally to all our customers. So within a couple of weeks, it should be enabled for all. 



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@Nivedita Kamat 
Can we get Trail Cloud Import tool? 
Who should I talk to about that?

@Ritesh Ranjan @Nivedita Kamat 

Good day, Ritesh and Nivedita, we are planning to migrate 2 Jira projects from one organisation to another.  In both projects we have commits, pull requests and merges with GitHub, and in one project - we use X-Ray и Jenkins X-Ray plugin to make autotests. We want to save these Git dependencies and autotests in new Jira projects. But we affraid that using CSV-export tool to migrate Jira projects to another organisation will not work correctly with all these dependencies and artefacts.  

Can we join the Jira cloud-to-cloud migration beta-testers team for trying this tool?

Or can you activate Jira cloud-to-cloud migration features for our team?

Hello @Pavel Trantrov 

Please reach out to the Support team and they can enable it for you after getting all the details 

Like Pavel Trantrov likes this

@Nivedita Kamat About a month ago, you stated this feature should be available to all in a couple of weeks.  Can you provide an update on this timeline?

If it helps, I have an open support ticket (PA-117041) asking for this feature to be enabled on our account, and I even submitted the EAP participation form linked in the article above.  It's been several days now and I've yet to gain any traction towards enablement.

Hi @Michel Mongeau , 

The support team can enable C2C migration feature for you. Please reach out to them.  


Hello guys,

The migration cloud-to-cloud with Migration assistant migrates the apps data too?


Thanks in advance


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