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Comments about "Myths about moving to Atlassian Cloud"

Bob Sovers June 11, 2020

Atlassian has done it again...  Posted a blog article ( that begs for comments or a discussion, without any ability to add said comments or discussion.

That is where this page comes in.  

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Bob Sovers June 11, 2020

I've read the recently posted blog, and I have a BIG issues with their sales pitch.  

We are now going on 20 months of the new "Fabric" editor, replacing the "TinyMCE" editor (found in most Confluence Server instances), and they are no where close to the same.

Unfortunately the blog is out in the Atlassian public pages, while this discussion forum is probably only known to those of us who have already drank the Kool-Aid (or chosen the red pill --

Nicole June 12, 2020

I agree. I would find it very hard to recommend moving my organization's Confluence Server instance to Cloud. Users would be upset by the lack of features like the ability to filter tables.

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