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Org & site admin for another user on Jira Service Desk (Cloud version)

Cristina Roldán September 18, 2020

Hello everyone,

I'm experiencing a problem on Jira Service Desk (Cloud version). I'm the Org & site admin for my organization and I have to change it to another user.

I've seen solutions for Jira Software but not for Service Desk and I don´t know what can I do.


Could you please help me?


Thanks in advance!

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Cristina Roldán October 2, 2020

@Romel thanks a lot for your help!!


I was completely blind and didn´t saw Settings (sorry). 

I've checked it and works fine, I've changed the user I needed.


Thanks again and have a nice weekend!

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Romel September 18, 2020

@Cristina Roldán , If I understand your concern correctly, you want to add another user as an Org + Site admin to your Jira instance. Jira service desk is one of the product you have on your site/org. Org/Site admin access is not product specific. 

You can follow these steps to add another user as an Org admin.

  1. Log in to your organization at
  2. Choose Settings > Administrators.
  3. Click Add administrators.
  4. Enter an Atlassian account email address and click Grant access

Also, adding a user as an Org admin will automatically give the site privileges as well.

Hope it helps.

Cristina Roldán September 18, 2020

Thanks Romel for your answer.


Yes, I know Org & site admin is a type of user, not a product. The problem I have is that I don´t know how to grant Org & site admin to an existing user (that already has administrator and site admin rights).


Thanks again! :)

Romel September 18, 2020

@Cristina Roldán did you try following the steps I shared above?

Romel September 24, 2020

@Cristina Roldán , is your issue resolved?

Cristina Roldán September 24, 2020

Hi @Romel 

sorry for the delay.


Maybe I am a bit dummy 'cause I don´t see the options you told me, at least I don´t see them for Jira Service Desk

I attach you a screenshot of what I see on the users screen, maybe it can help to understand why I don't see these options to change the Org&Site admin.

Thanks for the interest Romel, I appreciate it.Captura de pantalla 2020-09-24 a las 17.39.45.png

Romel September 24, 2020

Screen Shot 2020-09-24 at 12.46.14 PM.png@Cristina Roldán  your screenshot helps. You're on the "Products" tab but You need to click on the "Settings" tab on the far right. Once you click you'll see "Administrators" on the left panel. Click that and you can add new Org admins from there. 

As I said, an org admin is not product (JSD, Jira software etc) specific but at an Organization level. So it shouldn't matter what products you have on your site, you can control all that.

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