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Assets not loading: "Failed to load objects",

Kukk November 17, 2023


I worked with Factory objects. Imported new ones and deleted few. Among the few deleted ones where the ones that were used in outbound reference from Project objects.

After this, Assets is no able to load the list of projects. As shown below i can access the projects using links from  Machine objects. The outbound references are deleted for Project objects as expected, but the list is not operational.



I create the objects that the project objects were referencing.

It is still possible to access the project objects if i open Machine objects and use the project link from there


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Kukk November 17, 2023

Uncaught (in promise) ValidationError: No matching order by attribute (InstalledAt) for AQL clause (objectTypeId IN ("66") AND objectSchemaId = 6 AND objectTypeId IN ("1","65","82","66","67","68","45","46") ORDER BY "InstalledAt" DESC)

This is from browser console. Maybe there was a active filter for Project objects that now crashes?

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