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🍪 The Great Atlassian Bake Off competition


Community members - preheat your ovens! This holiday season we want to inspire you to get off Zoom and get into the kitchen to compete in the Great Atlassian Bake Off :star:.

The Great Atlassian Bake Off is the ultimate baking battle where passionate Atlassian community members compete to be crowned “Ace Baker.. (Ace is what we call the Atlassian logo). 

From Dec 2 - Dec 12you’ll have the chance to participate in a new kind of sprint - one that will put your teamwork/collaboration/technical skills to the test (in the kitchen) and will hopefully result in something delicious!

To compete for the title of ACE Baker, comment on this post to let us know that you’re participating! Then create a post (you can use this link) with the following information:

  • How you chose your Atlassian-themed recipe*

  • The actual recipe so we can include it in an Atlassian Community Cookbook

  • A summary of how your bake went (highs + lows, how it tasted, who you shared it with)

  • A photograph of your final creation

  • Be sure to tag your post with #atlassianbakeoff. If you do use an Atlassian product, put your post in that collection. Otherwise, feel free to post it in this group! Wherever you put it, just make sure to use the #atlassianbakeoff tag. 

*You can chose any recipe to create! Cookies, meatloaf, cake, bread, salad (?!) will all be considered.

Tips for incorporating the Atlassian theme into your bake:

  • Include the Atlassian logo

  • Plan your bake/recipe with an Atlassian product

  • Tell us about how teamwork and/or agile methodologies helped you in the process

Bonus points

  • Include a video tutorial for your recipe (time-lapse would be amazing)!

  • Include a video of a friend/family member/pet taste testing your creation

  • Share your finished product on Linkedin, Instagram, and/or Twitter and use the tag #AtlassianBakeoff

The Atlassian Community Team will judge submissions based on a number of factors, including post engagement, recipe quality, and Atlassian tie-in. All participants will receive the Bake Off Badge, but only a few will receive the title and honor of Ace Baker!



Bridget Community Manager Dec 02, 2021

I'm in! 


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Monique vdB Community Manager Dec 02, 2021



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Sharon Tan Community Manager Dec 02, 2021



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BiancaE Atlassian Team Dec 02, 2021

I'm eating a cookie as I read this - how fitting! *googles recipe for cookies*

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Ashley Faus Atlassian Team Dec 02, 2021

Here. For. It.


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Fadoua Community Leader Dec 02, 2021

I rolled my sleeves on 🍪

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Mandy Ross Community Manager Dec 02, 2021

Scone time!

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Monique vdB Community Manager Dec 02, 2021

I hope @Thomas Schlegel is planning to participate, because one of the contestants in this year's Bakeoff reminded me of him so much! (Jürgen, of course! They have the same accent. 😆)


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Andy Gladstone Community Leader Dec 02, 2021

TBH, I cannot cook or bake anything more complicated than scrambled eggs, and my wife can attest to that! But I needed to comment here because this idea is just too cool (and hunger inducing) to not participate in somehow!

The Most Interesting Man In The World - I don't ever cook But when I don't, I can always eat

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David Zhang Atlassian Team Dec 02, 2021

I am doing it

kiss the spatula.jpeg

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I often joke about setting fire to the salad or burning the water because I am definitely not a good cook.  In reality, I'm not that bad - I usually do ok, but when I get it wrong, I get it very very wrong.

  • I can't cook pastry (unless it's out of a packet). 
  • I can't cook meat (never bothered to learn). 
  • I absolutely can not bake with flour. 

If it's flour-based and more complex than a Yorkshire pudding, then it's going to be either sludge, concrete, or charcoal.

So I'm going to play the part of the Cookie Monster on this one - watch, appreciate and enjoy.  First target - the photo @Bridget posted to get you all started, that does look good...

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Ashley Faus Atlassian Team Dec 02, 2021

@Andy Gladstone lol maybe we need a category for "Best Taste Tester" 😂 I feel like you would top the list!

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Ashley Faus Atlassian Team Dec 02, 2021

@Nic Brough _Adaptavist_ ICYMI... we live streamed a taste test (complete with scoring!) 😀 I felt my judge was tough but fair, ha!

On-demand if you wanna see the judging:

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I'm IN! Oh gosh, that's the most epic challenge ever! 


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Laura Holton Community Leader Dec 03, 2021

Count me in 😄

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This would be a task for me! 

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this challenge is for me

Oh yesssss 

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I’m in! I love to cook most things especially grilling and BBQ. With well established roots in North Carolina and 18yrs in Austin Texas you have to be able to turn out a strong contender of pork shoulder or brisket.

@Ashley Faus , loved the live stream. Baking cakes is a weak spot in my cooking skills and if I attain medium fluff It is high-fives everywhere! Unlike Simon I choose pie over cake most of the time. Then again, if I have a choice, why not both!!


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yeeeeeey! finally! let's bake!

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Lin Chen Atlassian Team Dec 03, 2021

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This is the greatest idea I've heard all year. Count me in.

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Bridget Community Manager Dec 03, 2021

@kwicker I credit British television 😂

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