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Major Overhaul Needed For User Management API via Atlassian Cloud

Harvey Bennett June 3, 2022

Unless there is something that I'm overlooking, but there needs to be some major changes that take place in the next few months on Atlassian cloud specifically regarding the user management API. I have been using server/DC for the last 5 years and user management works flawlessly over in those environments. However, switch to Atlassian hosted cloud and magically things get very situation when they work and when they don't work. I mean these are basic controls such as adding or removing users. I am also having a hard time comprehending the policy around user management controls via GUI/REST such as simple thing such a name updates. We have service desk portal users coming onto OUR platform constantly in a controlled manner. I would like the ability to at least update their name. is not good from a reporting standpoint when I don't even know if that is the persons real name on the gmail account or if that is a pseudo name he likes to use. Either way it's also dangerously close to a word that I would rather not have on my website or even brought up in a meeting about a complain raised by this user. I'm not going to ask that the user update their email but rather I should have the necessary controls in my system to at least update the name so it's not showing fuc_er123.


No offense, but the lack of user management controls available for org admins is unsettling to say the least, especially as this a direct area that Atlassian is billing us for. Hopefully there is not selfish/negligent motivation behind not seeing changes to an area. It has been brought up over and over again in community questions, yet no one seems to respond. After the Atlassian Team event and what appears to be a direct push towards their cloud I would hope the cloud would be made more robust with the controls that already exist on DC/server and I wouldn't be losing features as I look to migrate other companies. Otherwise I simply cannot justify to these companies the benefits of migration if I'm seeing more drawbacks especially in areas of billing. 



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