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Why can't I query a worklog field in Jira Cloud for Sheet ?

Bertrand Germain June 18, 2020

Hi there,

I am trying to query a worklog fields using Jira Cloud for sheet JIRA formula in google sheet and I'm facing an internal error.

I tried simple query like this :

=Jira("worklogDate >= 2020-04-24 AND worklogDate <= 2020-05-21";"Project,customfield_10008,issuetype,customfield_11852";0;5000)

and it worked like a charm but when I add any of this fields : "worklog.authorDisplayName,worklog.authorEmail,worklog.started,worklog.timeSpentSeconds" it crashed with an #ERROR "internal error preventing the function execution"

Anyone have any clue on why it doesn't worked ?

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Bertrand Germain June 19, 2020

I may add additional informations on why I am using a JIRA() google sheet formula and not the JQL with "Get issue from Jira" in the addon, because that way I can het all the data I need and it work as attended.

I am using JIRA() to be able to define the dates in a single place in my google sheets so I can do a single opération to refresh all my sheets based on the data collected from Jira.
I can't put any explanation on why worklog.authorDisplayName can be gathered through a JQL query but not with a JIRA() function.

I hope someone can help me on this.

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