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Why Should You Revamp Your IT Services?

Every year the number of service requests increases drastically. According to the HDI report, the number of requests and incidents has risen to 68% since 2019 and continues to grow. For this purpose, service desks are learning new ways to absorb more requests, and they do this quite successfully.


Other changes in IT services are connected with digital transformation. This is a process when companies try to automate all the operations to get rid of manual, repetitive work and take the extra burden from your team's shoulders. And according to McKinsey’s study, 16% of top managers that already employed digital transformation say that their efforts are successful. 


No business would avoid improvement and deprive itself of growth and success, right? So how and why should you modernization of your IT services? Let’s try to figure these things out. 

Why should you advance your service management?

If you still do not know why you should change something that still works, here are some facts that may change your mind.

Technologies help to build a company’s foundation

Today, many companies employ various technologies to function effectively. For example, even running a website requires some tech stack to deliver a quality rendering on multiple devices, collect proper data and enhance product displaying and buying. Another sample is task management systems. For example, many companies use Jira or another collaboration tool to efficiently handle planning, tasks, and progress tracking. Or customer support for internal or external clients with the help of service desk or help desks.

IT services handle a bunch of tasks 

If a decade ago, the main aim of the IT services and help desk software was to ensure that all the internal systems function correctly; these days, they have a different goal: to support the workforce or service clients. If some of them slow down, your entire system is negatively affected. So, service desks are now dealing with many things — requests, issues, questions, and many more, ensuring that your business functions correctly.

Automation gains popularity

Technology saves the business a lot of time, effort, and money. That’s quite clear. At this point, the automation of processes and routine tasks keeps rising in various industries and companies of various sizes. It speeds up processes and lightens the workload of teams – resulting in productivity growth, saved costs, and satisfied customers and employees. Besides, some companies have started investing in AI and machine learning. As a result, integrating AI-powered chatbots and NLP in your workflows has become common.

How can you modernize your IT services? 

Transformation takes time, effort, and resources. Still, you need to start to improve your IT services from some point, right? One of these suggestions might be a good beginning:

  • Focus on your team: incorporate a team-centric approach to improve employee engagement, boost productivity and get better results. Keep updating your operations and workflows to improve the weak spots and strengthen the well-performing ones.
  • Adopt knowledge management practice: The management of knowledge shouldn’t be underestimated. Even if a simple chatbot at your website needs to learn from a reliable resource. Your support agents should take care of internal and external knowledge bases and regularly update them.
  • Update instead of starting from scratch: you don’t need to go back to the drawing board, revamp the processes you already have, and strengthen them with a proper help desk or ITSM system.
  • Choose the software that matches your needs: select a service desk system that fits your business requirements best and can scale when needed. If you’re using an ITSM solution and want to switch to JSM, consider an automated migration service to handle this task easily.
  • Automate processes: Automation helps to decrease manual work and avoid human errors. However, embracing help desk automation requires a well-educated team and an understanding of all workflows. For example, route the tickets to suitable agents or add a specific tag to the ticket for further analysis.

Wrapping up

Improve your IT services, deliver outstanding support service to your customers, and engage your support team. With a hand-picked service desk platform and proper settings and tuning, you will see the results within several weeks after adoption or migration.

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Carmen Nadeau
Rising Star
Rising Star
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July 5, 2022

Hi @Dima Lazarchuk ,

Great article. The only point I disagree with you is this one :

  • Focus on your team: incorporate a team-centric approach to improve employee engagement, boost productivity and get better results. Keep updating your operations and workflows to improve the weak spots and strengthen the well-performing ones.

Maybe your point refer to something different from what I understood regarding a team-centric approach. Or the point I am making is missing from your article ;)

A Services Catalog must be functionnal for end-users e.g. customers of the tool: the portal's users. So if you use a team-centric approch to determine the grouping of services offering, you will miss the mark. The approch for using JSM is completely different than using Jira Software. Jira software must have a team-centric approch and JSM must have customer-centric approch. Your end-users don't care wich team will complete the service request, He/she only want to easily and logically find the right service to use.



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