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Using Xray with JIRA Server

Dean van Rooyen April 4, 2018

We want to start using Xray with out JIra server instance.

I was hoping for some guidance in the way you use it with project and boards.

My plan is to do the following:

  • Project X has a development and a testing scrum board
  • Project X consists of stories
  • Once a story is moved to done on the DEV board, then it displays on the Testing board where manual testing is done before being moved to the Testing Done column which would imply that it is ready for production release
  • Automated testing will happen on the story after it has been released to production

Based on the above, I have a few questions:

  1. Do I mark this story as done once it reaches the end of the testing board and in production? or;
  2. Do I create another testing board (automated) which tracks the story through the automation process and then only mark it as done once automated tests have been written
  3. Can you limit a story from being closed if it has Xray test type calls attached to the story?
  4. Do I close the story and release to production once manual has been done, perhaps create a new story to go through automation, possible create a new type of call where Xray issue types can be linked to and taken through the automated process?

Any suggestions and guidance is appreciated.

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José Domingues [Xray]
Marketplace Partner
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April 11, 2018

Hi Dean,


For the first two questions:

Xray works independently of workflows; you can adopt whichever strategy you think is best suited for your use case.

For the third question:

Xray can be configured to move Tests with final and non-final Test Run Status to "in progress" and "resolved" Workflow statuses, but this is independent of the linked Requirements.

For the last question:

From the Xray point of view, when deciding if a Requirement is ready for production, you should follow the Requirement Status field, not the Workflow Status. You can then analyze the Requirement Test coverage and status to decide whether you are ready for production.


We hope this helps your team!


Best regards,

Xpand Add-ons Team

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