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Troubleshooting Easy Agile User Story Maps for Jira

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July 30, 2017



In making an easy story mapping solution for Jira we've had to make some assumptions about how a Jira instance is set up. For example; 

  • Kanban boards do not have an estimation statistics so the Story Map associated with a Kanban board does not show the estimation field
  • Agile boards containing multiple projects do not show the option to view by Fix Version as Fix Versions are specific to an individual project 


Known Issues


There are two permissions that are required to create sprints and versions on the Story Map, Project Administrator and Manage Sprints: 


Epic Issue Type Not Found

See Epics not displayed on story map 


Status Category Filtering 

Jira provides the ability to create unlimited Statuses. Each Status must be mapped to one of three Status Categories: 'To Do' (Blue), 'In Progress' (Yellow) or 'Done' (Green). 

Categories help you identify where issues are in their lifecycle, particularly in places where a large number of issues are rolled up.

  • Epics don't show (Jira Status Category is 'undefined')
  • Filtering on the Story Map is by Status Category
  • Fix this by setting a Status Category for each status in Jira


Status Category Filtering .png


Old and Unused Epics Appearing on the Story Map

It is possible to mark epics as Done in Jira Software yet by default this does not move the epic into a Status of Done as Jira Software uses a custom field, 'Epic Status', instead. 

If you have old and unused Epics, please mark them as done as part of the workflow. You can also automate the resolution of Epics by following these workflow steps to mak an Epic as done when it is resolved. 

Atlassian has issues on their backlog for consolidation of this beahviour, see JSW-12500, JSW-9222 and JSW-8067. 


Boards with Multiple Projects

  • Sidebar dissapears when switching to Story Map 
  • Unable to schedule by Versions 
  • We have not decided yet how to approach multiple versions which may be related yet are seperate (as versions are per project)


Known Issues Specific to Jira Cloud 


Jira Cloud APIs

We have encounteres shortcomings with the Jira Cloud APU. If you feel the pain of one or more of these, we would greatly appreicate you voting and commenting on the issue to show your support and encourage Atlassian to prioritise the feature: 


Filter/Project Access

On Jira Cloud, every add-on, including Easy Agile User Story Maps, has a system account to issues, search results, agile boards, fix versions and more. If this user does not have access to a filter or project the Story Map will fail to load. 

To ensure the system user account (username: addon_com.kretar.jira.plugin.user-story-map) has access. confirm: 

  • the account has Browse Project Permission, for example use 'Application Role (Any logged in user)' for Browse Projects 


Project Permissions.png


  • the filter an agile board is based on is shared with Everyone, or shared using Project Permissions


Project Filters .png



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Galbraith, Clare
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
Those new to the Atlassian Community have posted less than three times. Give them a warm welcome!
February 16, 2021

Has anyone encountered an issue where the Story map fails to populate after an epic is deleted? All links to the epic were removed in advance of the deletion. Instead of the Story map appearing we're seeing an error message - 400 No issues have a parent epic aaa-999. Is there a way to fix this please? Many Thanks

Henri Seymour _Easy Agile_
Marketplace Partner
Marketplace Partners provide apps and integrations available on the Atlassian Marketplace that extend the power of Atlassian products.
February 17, 2021

Hi @Galbraith, Clare

This is usually the result of a Board Filter causing an error when its API is called. 

One possible cause of this error is when the Board Filter specifies the Epic explicitly by its Issue Key, for example: 

... "Epic link" in (AAA-999, BBB-888) ...

Are you able to check the Filter in the Board Settings? Editing the Filter Query to make sure it doesn't reference deleted issues may be able to resolve this problem. 

If you would like to get into more specific details about your case such as sharing your JQL or configuration, feel free to reach out to me through our Support portal. 

Kind regards, 
Stephanie Seymour | Easy Agile 

Afroz ARAB June 20, 2022

My user is complaining, he cannot see the completed stories in the User Story Map.

is there a way to show the completed stories on the User Story Map Board?

he has a filter query, where he is just querying with keys and from 2 projects in the filter.

Please help!

Tenille _ Easy Agile
Marketplace Partner
Marketplace Partners provide apps and integrations available on the Atlassian Marketplace that extend the power of Atlassian products.
June 20, 2022

Hi @Afroz ARAB  👋

The story map will hide 'Done' stories in an active sprint or version by default, but that can be changed using the Filters menu, by including 'Done' as a status category. Please see: Why are 'Done' issues missing from my Story Map. 

If that doesn't work for your user, could you please share the filter they are using via and we'll take a look in more detail?


Tenille | Easy Agile

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