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Structure Formula Column Parsing Text

Andy Conley May 12, 2020

This was driving me a bit nuts, so I thought I'd share in case it might help others as an example.

We are using Jira with Structure/Structure.Gantt.

There is a custom controlled field that represents our internal company projects that follows this pattern:

<4-8 numbers>:<string>


  • 1028:My Project
  • 2382-2828:Your Project

Use Case:

I simply wanted to display the project name/string without the numbers as a column (or grouping) in my structure. 



Using the docs from ALM's site, I landed on the combination of REPLACE_AT and SEARCH.

REPLACE_AT allows me to remove the characters from the delimiter (:), but since the delimiter position was variable, I was able to use SEARCH to identify it's location.

I really wanted to define the SEARCH portion as a separate variable utilizing WITH, but I couldn't quite get that working.


If there is a more efficient way or suggestions on WITH, please share!


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Stepan Kholodov _ALM Works_
Marketplace Partner
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May 13, 2020

Hi Andy,

You can indeed use with statement here:

with index=SEARCH(":", project,0):

An alternative would be to use

REPLACE(project, "/[0-9:]/", "")

Best regards,
Stepan Kholodov
ALM Works

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JL March 6, 2023

I hate to resurrect an old post, I have an issue close to this as well. Though I am trying to search for numbers for a build in the summary. I have a new post that isn't getting much tracking. But this thread got me the closest to getting it.



Really appreciate if anyone has suggestions or solutions.

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